Simple Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments That Will Transform Your Smile

Simple Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments That Will Transform Your Smile

A smile is often the first thing that people will notice about another person. It can show how friendly or warm somebody is, and how likely they are to strike up a conversation. But with so many adults throughout the world embarrassed about their smiles for various reasons, it’s hard to base the fact of whether you wish to spend time with people based on their smiles alone.

If you’re usually one to hide away your smile because you feel that it is less than perfect, then thankfully, there are some simple cosmetic procedures as suggested by this dentist that will not only leave your teeth healthier but looking that way too.

Here are just a few of them to consider. 

Tooth Whitening

Drinking coffee and tea, red wine, or smoking regularly can alter the appearance of your teeth- as can not brushing properly. The pigments found in these drinks and nicotine can stain your teeth significantly and can dull your smile. 

Lots of people these days have used many different methods to attempt to whiten their teeth. Some of these include; using a whitening toothpaste, activated charcoal, bicarbonate of soda, or more natural methods such as oil pulling (that is not backed up by science, but plenty of people on the internet swear by it!). There are other methods such as using a special formulation at home with UV light to bring out the brightness of a smile. However, some of these methods can be unsafe, and you should consider speaking with a licenced cosmetic dentist to help you to whiten your teeth. 

Invisible Braces 

The days of metal wires poking into your gums and cheeks may well be over if getting a brace has put you off from fixing your teeth. Clear braces are a good option for those who wish to ‘hide’ the fact that they are undergoing teeth straightening treatment

Made from clear plastic, they sit over your natural teeth and works in the same way as a metal brace in that it gently pushes your teeth into position.

A dental practitioner will take an impression of your mouth and use technology to create your bespoke brace which will be used to shape your teeth over several months. The process could take between 12 and 24 months. Over the entire treatment time, several veneers will be prescribed to fit your newly positioned teeth, as well as a retainer to use at night so that your teeth stay in excellent shape. 


If you only need a little alteration for your crooked teeth then veneers may be a great option for you. 

Similar to the clear brace option, veneers will sit on the teeth but they won’t have the same impact on teeth as they do not change the position of the crooked teeth. 

They are a good cosmetic dental option if you’re looking for a complete smile makeover. Composite resin or porcelain are used to cover individual teeth– so patients can choose to just cover one or all of their teeth.