Sasha Shantel X Larena Fashion

Sasha Shantel X Larena Fashion

As a micro blogger it’s not always easy to get quality brands to work with you. As much as I work very hard on my content and take a lot of time to ensure the images are just right, if you are not a massive influencer you can often get overlooked. For the most part, many brands will try and offer you a collaboration but then say that you need to pay for the shipping. My instagram DM’s are filled with these requests. However, one brand than respects my work ethic and choose to work with me again and again and I honestly love their brand and the quality of their footwear.

I was very happy to be asked to collaborate with Larena Fashion again and we teamed up to promote one of their sneakers from their latest collection. I handpicked these for the colours as I am quite literally obsessed with bright colour clothing and accessories. This is evident from my Instagram feed as I try to incorporate as much colour as possible. I am also really into bulky trainers too and these tick both these boxes.

After shooting with my talented best friend Katie Ryan from Katie Ryan Creations, I got a lot of positive feedback about these sneakers. I even teamed up with Katie to create some amazing REELS to promote them too.

It’s honestly not easy to keep going, especially with Instagram Algorithms and other factors that can get in the way of content creation. However, working with brands I truly like and respect makes the process one I am committed to sticking too.

For this look, I teamed the trainers with my sporty cyclist top from Hidden Fashion (please note that when I ordered this, I expected it to be a cycle onesie, but instead they sent me a top! I liked it, so I kept it but please be aware of this when ordering from this brand) which is a Vera Wang X Adidas collab. The top and bottoms co-ord is from Boutique Feel.

I am planning to work with Larena Fashion again soon, but until then, get your hands on the Clio Chunky Trainers and use the code FORYOU15 for 15% off your order.