Questions To Ask Before Getting A BOTOX Treatment

Questions To Ask Before Getting A BOTOX Treatment

BOTOX is slowly but surely becoming one of the most sought after anti ageing skin treatment solutions for both men and women alike these days. In the days gone by, it was a treatment that was pretty common for celebrities but now, it is adopted by every Jane or Joe.

So, if you too are in your early forties and feeling the urge to have your skin treated with BOTOX then make sure you do your due diligence by asking the right questions to your dermatologist.

What Are Those Questions?

Well, the top questions to ask before getting a BOTOX treatment are mentioned in the section below– 

Why Should You Get This Treatment?

When you choose to consult with a dermatologist associated with the best BOTOX clinic in London, before getting this treatment then you have to ask the professional why you should get it in the first place.

The answer will be simple and it will consist of the following points:- 

  • BOTOX is a minimally invasive skin treatment that leaves you with younger-looking skin minus the early signs of ageing.
  • Secondly, it ensures that your skin is rejuvenated without any side effects and
  • The most important consideration is that you will be back in your daily routine as the recovery period for this treatment is very short.

Is The Dermatologist Qualified To Offer This Treatment?

It is best to make sure that the dermatologist working at the skin clinic you have chosen has all the necessary certifications as well as specialist training required to deliver BOTOX treatment.

You would also need to make sure that the dermatologist will be injecting the toxin to the target areas of your skin and the work will not be performed by a subordinate.

How Does It Feel Like To Get This Treatment?

When you book an appointment for this treatment at the best BOTOX clinic in London, you would also need to clarify how you will feel like the one receiving this treatment.

Ask the dermatologist to explain the whole process step by step so that all confusion and fear about the treatment is out of your mind before you get under the needle!

Ask Whether You Would Need Other Procedures In Tandem With BOTOX?

BOTOX can be administered as a standalone treatment or as an anti-ageing solution that is administered in tandem with other skin treatment procedures like dermal filler injections.

Hence, you would need to clarify from your dermatologist whether you will receive only BOTOX injections or you will also be receiving dermal filler injections to achieve the best results for your skin.

Another question that you can ask to your dermatologist before getting this treatment is whether or not the toxin will harm you in any way and the answer is no. The toxin is injected just a mere 2 CM below the top layer of your skin. This keeps the toxin confined to the target area thus keeping you safe. For more details, feel free to get in touch with a revered skin clinic that offers this treatment in your vicinity today!