#MyLookMyWay | The Power Of Consistency

#MyLookMyWay | The Power Of Consistency

So the secrets out… I’ve become consistent on my socials and more importantly, I’ve been sharing more posts on my blog regularly too and it feels amazing.

I can’t explain when the coin dropped and I knew that I had to get up and make shit happen but a few weeks ago, on a random day while driving home from work. I stopped along a side road and just looked at myself in the mirror. I took time to speak to myself and to simply focus on my breath. I meditated on what I wanted achieve and took a moment to visualise it.

More importantly, I took a moment to apologise to myself. I said sorry for all the times I compared myself to others. I apologised for all the times I sold myself short, sacrificed my morals and standards and behaved in a way that wasn’t in direct correlation which my beliefs. I also apologised deeply for not supporting my own goals, for not being my own cheerleader and for allowing self doubt to taint my previous ventures.

I then made a decision to truly, madly and deeply throw myself behind my two new ventures and growing my blog. I committed to being consistent in my ventures and always ensuring I do something everyday towards the attainment of my goals. Being consistent and working on my vision each day has helped my mood and has stopped me slumping for too long. I’m now feeling like I can do anything I put my mind to and although I have a great deal of things to learn and do in the midst of working on and launching my two new brands, training to be a mentor, writing my first book and working on clearing/consolidating my debts.

Guys, I’m finally adulting and in the process I’m embracing everything that makes me, me. I’m committing to always working on content for my Instagram, my Twitter, My Pinterest and Facebook. I’m exercising everyday, incorporating new foods into my diet and eradicating others. (I will be writing blog posts on this soon!) watching YouTube videos to develop and hone my brands and really push them to high levels of success and I’m always researching new blog ideas and fashion looks that I can create.

I have committed myself to being consistent in everything I do and it’s really helped me to re-focus on myself, keep positive and to have a more optimistic view of life.

I have had a rough few months but I can proudly say I’ve got right back up when I’ve hit the ground and I’ve kept pushing forward. Being consistent and focusing my energies on my passions has enabled me to come back with not 1 but 2 new brands that I’m very proud and really excited to grow.

I want to let you know reading this that if you’re going through hell, keep going. Write down what you’re passionate about and commit a few hours a week to really throwing yourself into them. Work on increasing the time you give and whenever you few low or not at your best, talk yourself up to working on your passions and use them to elevate yourself higher. There is great power in being consistent with the things you love, practice it and see major improvements reveal themselves within your life.

About this outfit….

I’ve said this time and time again but I honestly love hunting down outfits that are affordable and making them look expensive. I purchased this amazing dress from Catwalk Wholesale a number of months back and I was blown away by not only the colour but the style and material too. Catwalk Wholesale have amazing clothing and really impressive prices and although this dress isn’t available anymore, there is a great deal of other beautiful outfits to choose from.



I’ve also been extremely fortunate to be collaborating with a number of clothing and shoe brands and was thrilled to receive these beautiful white boots form Larena Fashion. Their footwear are such great quality and more vitally are very affordable.


I love the way the colour of this dress just works with the white and turns this simple dress into a major head turner. What are your thoughts on the overall look. Yay or Nay, I would love to receive your feedback.