#MyLookMyWay | Hello Autumn! Goodbye Summer!

#MyLookMyWay | Hello Autumn! Goodbye Summer!

It’s Autumn and I’m slyly happy about it. I don’t know, there’s just something very refreshing about the leaves falling off the trees and getting prepared to start a new. You could say it’s metaphorical for me as I feel that as I move into Autumn I am also in a transitional period, both mentally and physically. I’ve limited my time online (apart from to promote my projects or for work) and have spent time re-organising my wardrobe, reviewing my goals and just spending time with myself.

I’m really starting to enjoy my own company again. There’s a quiet confidence in me that can remain quiet for days, listening to music, writing and planning and just being entirely in my own space, reconnecting and simply just being me.

I guess that is what Autumn represents for me more than anything… an opportunity to reflect and gain perspective. It’s at this time that we wind down the year and look on wards to the next. I’m quietly carving out a positive future for myself, I’ve taken time to distance myself from individuals and circumstances that have tried to hinder or dampen my spirits and I’m working diligently on creating the life I want and am control of.

What does Autumn represent for you?

About my outfit….

Yes, out comes the blazer because this is the perfect weather for them. I’m still very much fixated on co-ordinates too so this look was simply perfect to me.

I have gotten asked by a number of people where this dope two piece comes from and surprisingly I bought it from Primark 3 years ago! (my kind of vintage!) However, to this day I haven’t found the right reason to wear it… until now.

The black and white pattern is worked well with gold jewellery. My necklace is also from Primark and cost me £6.00.

My footwear has also received a lot of love on Instagram too and comes from Ebay. On this site, there are so many variations of these perspex boots and they’re all affordable. My ankle perspex boots only cost £19.00!

The clutch, oh the clutch is beautiful and has gold detailing along the rim. It’s also from Ebay and once again; there are so many variations of it online at affordable prices. 🙂



My plain black top is actually a bodysuit and was £3.00 from Primark also. (How I love that shop)

This outfit would be perfect for a date night or to a music/entertainment event. It’s such a versatile look and this outfit is one I may be stepping out in soon.