#MyLookMyWay | Can I Really Be Peng Everyday??

#MyLookMyWay | Can I Really Be Peng Everyday??

Yes guys, today I was called a ‘peng ting’ by a young man who was no older that 16. And yes, I wondered how he knew the phrase too since it was pretty much coined and used by my generation. Of course, I accepted the compliment and then kept it moving cause to be honest I like them young but I’m no cradle snatcher! But, while we are on the subject of being called a ‘peng ting’ I have to pose the question. Can I really be peng everyday?

Now, let me break this down for you. When it comes to social media, we all; and let’s be honest here. Post the best of ourself 95% of the time. The majority of us have an enviable photo reel that looks like we dress up and tun up every day. I see so many women on my gram looking completely buff, wig snatched, make-up looking on point and practically slaying the hell out of the pavement they’re practically gliding along. Honestly, how the hell do they do it? Can they teach me? why does no one do a tutorial on this? I’d be their top student!

I look good in my pictures but honestly guys I don’t know how to be that everyday and I wonder if it’s honest possible. There are days when I’m just looking pretty basic, doing basic things like buying milk and I really want to just dress down.

Being ‘peng’ though is really a state of mind. It really shouldn’t matter if you have makeup on or are dressed up to the nines. What’s important is that you wear confidence from the inside out and not rely on any of these things to define who you are. Yes, by no means dress up, promote garments and show out how you want to. However, be mindful that you should always strive to love the skin you’re in and always know that being peng isn’t a passing phase. It’s just who you’re naturally are both on your on and off days.

About this look…

Femme Luxe Finery done did it again with this orange dress which just made me glow up differently. It really enhanced my skin and I was practically glowing. I loved the way it fit. My own mistake is that I should have order a size down and stuck to an 8-10. Nonetheless, I think I managed to pull it off.  What do you guys think?

To round off the look, I kept it pretty simple with a faux leather choker and these absolutely lush heels which I bought from an independent boutiques. Because of the major interest in it on Instagram, I’ve sourced something similar for you all.

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