#MyLookMyWay | Blocking Out Negative Energy & The Khaki Obsession

#MyLookMyWay | Blocking Out Negative Energy & The Khaki Obsession

It’s been a testing week. I am completely exhausted. That’s what happens when you’re chasing your dreams. You can exhaust yourself in the process. The only good thing about any of this is that I’m working on all the things I want to do for LIFE!.

What I’ve learned on this journey called life is that at the moment when you’re on your path and working on your vision. Outside influences will try their level best to knock you off path and will try everything to break you down and divert your attention.

Today this happened and more than one person set out to destroy my mood and break my spirit. It’s at those moments when you get your shit together and you’re actually thinking clearly that someone or something will be sent to put a spanner in your works. This is in fact the natural cycle of life. The more you rise, the more people or circumstance will make their move to bring you down.

For almost half of my day, I allowed these negative entities to control my day and my overall mood. Because of their actions, I had no sleep and would spend the majority of the day walking around like a zombie. I allowed their negativity to taint my thought patterns and for most if not all of my day, I was unable to fully think about anything else that what their actions had done to me.

However, by giving them and their actions space in my brain without paying a penny to take up residence; I had in fact handed over my power and as a result diminished my productivity.

So as a result; I’m now typing this with one eye shut and wishing the floor would open up and consume me.

After the events of last night and the early hours of the morning, I have taken some time to think on the last few days events and I have come to this clear conclusion.

When you’re where you’re meant to me and you’re on the path you’re supposed to be on. Outside influences in there many forms will set out to taint you with their negative energy. I have decided to take this on as a sign than I now need to be even MORE focused on my projects because they will pay off and the overall quality of my life will be enhanced by the direct result of me taking stock of the situation and ensuring I take control of how I choose to react to it, instead of allowing it to control me.

Now I’m more confident than ever that I’m where I need to be, I refuse to be affected by these outside influences again. I choose to thrive and keeping walking in my faith and nothing and no-one will hinder my progress. Trust me on that.


About my outfit

Something about this outfit screams strength, defiance and power. I felt beautiful and in complete control in my khaki tassel dress which was purchased from the independent women’s fashion boutique Aytas based in Camberwell, South London. Believe it or not; it only got £7.99!



My heels have popped up in another #MyLookMyWay post (Hilton photoshoot) and are from Dorothy Perkins. 

You may notice how much my skin is glowing in these images. A number of weeks ago I embarked on a water drinking challenge. I already have a healthy fixation with herbal teas and drink over 10 different specialities in a week. However, I wanted to increase my water intake as when it came to drinking water I had no self discipline and would drink gallons one minute and none for the next few days.

It was really important for me to stick to this and now four weeks later; I now comfortably drink 2 litres a day and my skin is glowing. Look out for my review of what progress I have seen so far coming very soon.

I love this look and can’t wait to shoot more looks this weekend… if the weather permits.

Until next time…………