#MyLookMyWay | Back At It in Nasty Gal

#MyLookMyWay | Back At It in Nasty Gal

And to think I decided to quit fashion blogging in 2019.

I know it’s crazy but I had this notion that I was passed my sell by date! Imagine me, confident Sasha, transformation and mindset coach Sasha and yet, the fashion blogging scene just felt so ageist to me. Fast forward to 2021, when Covid ripped up the world and my FUCK IT hat came back on. My mind has CHANGED! Life is for living guys, who wants to have regrets that could have easily been avoided. I love fashion and I love dressing up and putting affordable looks together. As much as I love coaching and am committed to making it my full time gig. I also recognise how much my blog can open up my world to. I am a brand in myself and at 35, I am no where past my sell by date, in fact; I’ve only just started and what a time to come alive.

As soon as I saw my Nasty Gal dress, I knew I had to have it. Nasty Gal are on a permanent sale and I am not sad about it. In fact, I am so happy!!!. This dress was only £19. Yes, £19 (now only £17.50) and is absolutely amazing. I love the fabric, the turtle neck feature and the length which drops just above the knee. Can we also get an AMEN for the green zebra print, I mean this is EVERYTHING!

The hair and these truly epic boots (also from Nasty Gal) completed the look.

I even managed to film a short video of the look for my YouTube GO ME!

This beautiful coat was purchased from Topshop before it was taken over by ASOS for only £40. Lucky me 🙂
Accessories from Primark and Aliexpress.

Do you think I captured the 70’s vibe? what’s your favourite part of my look? Did I nail it?

Sasha xoxo