3 Reasons Why You Should Talk Yourself Up

3 Reasons Why You Should Talk Yourself Up

If you’re are a frequent visitor to my little online space, hello and thank you for stopping by. I’ve been really trying to work out how my personal blog can be separated from my number one passion; In-spire LS Magazine and I think I’ve finally nailed it. In fact, I think I’ve finally nailed a lot of things recently. Firstly, I’ve nailed saying no and being more assertive. I’ve nailed forgiving myself for my part in my failed relationship and even more vitally, I nailed the art of not comparing myself and my successes with other people. Gone is the green-eyed monster who reared her ugly head a few years back and was detrimental to my spiritual, mental and physical growth and in her place is someone who is pretty proud of herself and her achievements to date and just wants to now focus on growing further.

I won’t even begin to pretend that all of this personal development came out of no where because that would be telling porkies. What I will say however, is that one of the key reasons why I’ve managed to calm my thoughts and just begin to trust myself and the ‘my’ process is because I got more in the habit of talking myself up. Because, believe it or not folks, contrary to what you may have been taught, bigging yourself up is a necessary part of life and should be done regularly and consistently for lasting gratification and development.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling your self just how great you are and saying well done for how far you’ve got thus far. Damn it, life is tough and has so many twists and turns. To help though, just giving yourself some encouragement goes a long way. So here’s a few reasons why you really need to; from today adopt this practice.

  1. It will heighten your confidence

I tell myself how beautiful I am each day and I compliment myself every day also and since I started to consistently do this each day, I have been able to change any low moods quite quickly. I feel and in my opinion look more attractive and prettier now than I have ever before. Mindset is everything and programming your thoughts to align with how you want to see yourself and feel in your self is part and parcel of this. Because I feel more confident, it’s now more noticeable in my interactions and actions in my day to day life. I used to feel trapped in my circumstance but now I have the confidence to believe that I am more than capable of getting myself out of any situation.

2. If you don’t why should anyone else?

I know I say this very often but life is crazy and is one big rollercoaster. Some people ride it a lot better than others. It doesn’t mean however that you can’t traverse the twists and turns a little better with practise. Much of how you deal with life comes down to how you view yourself and your abilities. If you don’t take the time to congratulate yourself and acknowledge your achievements, why should anyone else. You owe it to yourself to be your biggest cheerleader and the more you celebrate your shine, the more others will also gravitate to your light.

3. You will realise that mistakes are not failures, they’re are just a tried and tested way of establishing what not to do

How often have you come down hard on yourself when you’ve made a mistake, Hell, there’s nothing wrong with doing that for a time. However, how many of you are guilty of taking your personal beat down to a whole different level. To the point where you start putting yourself down and calling yourself out. You honestly don’t need to become your own worst enemy. Especially when life is complicated and you will make mistakes because guess what, you’re human! Of course you will make mistakes but use them as lessons in how to do things better next times.

Talking yourself up should become a part of your day to day life and should be a way of being that you embrace. Once you get into the habit of celebrating yourself wholeheartedly, you allow your world to open up and things naturally feel more manageable. Take the 30 day challenge and aim to stand in the mirror everyday and tell your self how clever, skilled, beautiful, talented and strong you’re or adopt your own affirmations. Do this daily and wait to see the positive difference it will bring.