Freshly Cosmetics Facial Moisturiser & Body Scrub Review

Freshly Cosmetics Facial Moisturiser & Body Scrub Review

Slowly but surely I’m starting to take to writing beauty reviews. Can you believe that I never used to enjoy writing them! You could say now however that the older I get, the more concerned and interested I am in my skincare regime and the products I use on my skin. Unfortunately, my skin is once again playing up and it’s been quite difficult to get it back under control. In part, this has been hormonal as I’ve recently just come off my period but to be honest, I’m unsure of what has caused this major breakout which has hugely affected my cheeks.

I have found more and more that natural and organic products are essential for the skin. When it comes to your skincare; this is one area that you shouldn’t be cutting corners with. I was recently gifted beauty products from the natural beauty brand Freshly. I hadn’t heard about this brand before but once I hear about them, I ensured I did my research into the brand.

Freshly’s products are certified natural and are suitable for vegans as they’re not tested on animals. What’s more, they’re also free from parabens, sulphates, silicones and petroleum products.

When it comes to testing any skincare product, I always try to use the products continually for two weeks or more to ensure that I can give a detailed and true review based on my experience. I was sent two products from the brand. The first was their multi-antioxidant facial moisturiser which is said to help with skin redness and helps to reduce cell stress.

The moisturiser is a light pink in colour and smells lightly of strawberries. However, by no means is the fragrance overpowering. The spots that are currently on my cheek areas are red in nature and having used this cream continually for the two week period. I can honestly say that the appearance of the spots on my skin improved dramatically. Although, I can’t credit the moisturiser for reducing the appearance of the spots on my skin as I was using it in conjunction with another product. My the redness of my skin was heavily reduced and the excessive stinging which was plaguing me for a while has all but ceased.

The description on the back of the packaging provides further information on the key benefits of this amazing product.

“The best non-greasy hydration that fights against stress and free radicals. The Multi-Antioxidant Facial moisturiser combines flavanoid-rich lingonberries to stimulate cell repair and Agastache Mexicana to soothe stress-related irritation”.  

I’m very picky when it comes the moisturiser that I use on my face because as I have oily skin, I have to be extra careful of what cream I use as I am often left feeling too oily. However, the Freshly Multi-oxidant facial moisturiser left my skin feeling moisturised but not oily and blended into my skin evenly and settled perfectly under my foundation.

The second product I was sent was the their amazing Revitalizing Body Scrub. I have been taking time out to have Epsom salt baths twice a week.  (I will be writing a blog review on the benefits of this shortly) To further enhance my body care routine, I have been combining almond oil with the scrub and rubbing it into key areas of my body such as my elbows, buttocks, knees and thighs. The granules in the scrub are not too rough and leave the skin feeling completely refreshed once it is washed off.

The body scrub is said to improve cell renewal and skin texture and I can concur that it does exactly that. There has been an improved difference in my skin texture and it is more soft. With the key ingredients being jojoba oil and avocado, there is no surprise that my skin was left feeling refreshed and softer than ever.

I was left pleasantly surprised with by both the facial moisturiser and the body scrub and will be continuing to use them both as part of my morning routines.

Another interesting and fantastic fact about the brand is that the packaging of their products are made of aluminium which is 100% recyclable.

I thoroughly enjoyed using both these products and was extremely thrilled with the results.

Visit Freshly’s website to get your hands on their fantastic natural products HERE




*Many thanks to Jenna from Flashlight PR for sending me these Freshly’s products. This post is not sponsored and all my views are my own.