Always Keeping It Simple! Hydrating Sheet Mask Review

Always Keeping It Simple! Hydrating Sheet Mask Review

Whenever I trawl through women’s magazines. (I just so happen to be currently reading the July edition of Cosmopolitan) I often flick through the beauty section to see what the latest beauty buys are. However, I often find that so many of the products are costly and to be honest, having had acne as a teenager I have found that there are many affordable products on the market that are just as effective and useful in helping with maintaining good skin.

Step in Simple skincare line (look out for more detailed reviews on their products) I absolutely swear by them and their products have quite frankly been a saviour for my skin over the last 10 years.

I recently decided to try their Water Boost Hydrating Sheet Mask and was blown away by the results. My skin type is oily/combination and many people with oliy/combination skin tend to shy away from using products that aim to hydrate. However, on the contrary, oily skin needs hydration as much as normal skin does and although these masks shouldn’t be applied regularly (regularly being 2-3 times a week) it is important that you practise self care and use a hydrating mask at least once a week. )

This sheet mask is soaked in moisture and is filled with minerals and plant extracts. The sheet mask was very soft and once applied to my face, practically disappeared into my face instantaneously. The mask itself states that 1 mask is an equivalent to 16 days of moisturiser and to be honest, after wearing this mask for 15 minutes, the after effect was so impressive and my skin the day after was so shiny and appeared more healthy that I can only concur that this mask can do just that!

Inspired by Asian Beauty Rituals the water boost hydrating sheet mask is made of super soft natural fibres which aim to make your skin softer and this mask does exactly that.

You are advised to pat dry your face off after use, however I am a sucker for splashing my face with cold water as it leaves my face feeling that more refreshed.

Simple is known for being a product that is free from colourants and fragrances and is one of the most affordable beauty ranges that you can invest in. The water boost hydrating skin mask was amazing and one that I will now be adding into my weekly skin care regime

Grab yours from your local beauty retailer.