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We are without a shadow of a doubt living in troubling times yet I honestly believe that this is the best time to be pro-active and do as much of the things that you love as possible. I mentioned in my last post that I had recently launched my food appreciation page on Instagram.  The Foodie Files is my space to share some of the amazing restaurants I have eaten in. Food makes me happy. Not just eating it but watching the preparation and taking pics of the finished product.

With the rise of this wicked pandemic, eating out really isn’t something that is to be encouraged. However,  I maintain my faith in humanity and our ability to rise above and overcome trauma. I hold on to the belief that soon, we will all be able to get back outside, be social, visit our favourite eateries, travel and enjoy the best that life has to offer. As I type this, I spare a thought for all those who have lost their lives. I also feel quite embarrassed watching people panic buying and leaving supermarket shelves empty. Food should be something that we all can access and yet, I have seen videos of grown men and women throwing punches over bread and bog roll.

Nonetheless, the hospitality industry will need us more than ever if and when this passes and with that in mind, I had to write this review as before things broke out into complete chaos, I was lucky enough to be treated to authentic Turkish cuisine from the Levante- a family run restaurant that oozes personality and vibrancy.

I was taken to Levante for my leaving meal as I prepared to move to my new job. I had eaten there before but tended to go for meat and chips. So on this occasion, I decided to explore the menu. Levante offer a very full menu filled with numerous options. On offer are soups, mezes, hot mezes, kebabs, oven dishes, seafood and a wide array of salads.

I ordered a glass of coke (which is my go to, no matter where I eat!) For my main, I went straight in and ordered a chicken shish which was a combination of succulent and juicy charcoal grilled chicken fillet cubes (marinated with olive oil, onion, paprika, & oregano) on a skewer with tomatoes. What I was most impressed with was the portion size which were massive. The chicken was cooked to perfection and left a really pleasant after taste.

As for the service. The staff at Levante are always attentive and pay attention to your every need.

Price wise, you cannot really go wrong with Levante, my meal and drink cost £15.00 in total.

At present, many restaurants are offering a home delivery service during this crisis and Levante is one of those restaurants. If you are based in South London and love Turkish food, Levante is highly recommended.

Thanks to Levante for your amazing service and exceptional hospitality.

Visit their official website HERE


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Out & About @ Choo Cafe, Harrods

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