Things To Do In South: 1st Time Eating @ Satay Bar, Brixton

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I’m a South London gal and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My work has seen me travel all over London, but I always want to be back in South. When I was at college, I spent a LOT of time enjoying the night life in Brixton and had my fair share of cocktails and drinks in a number of bars and clubs. But, if you are a South Londoner or you’re not, but you travel to London you may have heard of Satay Bar, the popular night spot in Brixton. Though Brixton has changed A LOT over the years, Satay Bar has undoubtedly stood the test of time. From its relaxed settings to affordable prices and overall positive vibes, it is a key nightspot.  I was really happy to pass back through there with a work colleague to have what I thought would be drinks initially. However, she informed me that she had booked a table and that we would be eating there instead.

Now believe it or not, I have never had there food before. I don’t know why either, it has just never been on the agenda. So I jumped to the chance because if you don’t know me by now, Sasha loves to eat and will eat most people under the table. I don’t know where I put it, and put quite simply; I don’t want to know!

When we headed down there last weekend, the overall vibes were as always; at a high vibration. We entered and went to the bar to ask about our reservations so we could be seated. So, you know guys, I don’t try to sugarcoat anything and to be brutally honest with you; the service initially wasn’t really up to par. For around 10 mins, my friend and I stood there, aimlessly for what felt like forever. Twiddling our thumbs and looking around to see if anyone would acknowledge us! when someone did, they went away and returned; continued to serve someone else and then forgot that they were supposed to seeing to us!!! It was all a little hectic but after what felt like forever, we were finally seated in one of their booths.

Satay bar offers Pan-Asian cuisine, specialising in Indonesian and Malaysian dishes. They take the time needed to ensure they carefully pick the ingredients and produce use and one thing I didn’t know about but am glad I do now know is that their food is GM free.

At first glance, I loved the options on the menu. There were numerous different food choices to pick from and for a while, I struggled to make a choice. However, after some deliberation, I felt for fish so I opted for the snapper with plain white rice and vegetable gyoza. My company for the evening Princess, opted for their salmon with sweet potatoes and bread with hummus.


The food was exceptional. So full of flavour! the snapper was cooked to perfection with the fish practically falling off the bone. The peppers and onions on top added additional and much welcomed taste.

I cannot stress how much I needed this evening. I drank a lot of cocktails and laughed and joked for hours. Sometimes, you need to let your hair down, enjoy the moment and just have fun. (One of my major resolutions as me move into 2020).

I am currently planning my next visit and will probably eat exactly what I ate on this visit because it was absolutely scrumptious.  If you are in South London, and happen to pass through Brixton, make sure you stop at Satay Bar, the food is yummy, the vibe is positive and the setting is 5/5.

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