A Summer Throwback Part 1: A Night At Stay City, Hillingdon

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I’m finding these dark, cold days to be pretty challenging. I’m struggling to stay motivated in anything and I’m procrastinating a lot! I’ve also been battling with my low blood pressure too and to be honest, my energy levels are non-existent. But I draw strength from looking at images from great summer days that were had this year.

To be honest, 2019 wasn’t my year and to be fair I haven’t had a great year since 2013. (Can you imagine?!) I’m holding on to the notion that 2020 will be my decade but I am under NO illusions. In order for things to improve and change, I need to change so part of that change includes me charting all of the highlights of my summer and doing my best to share them through my online home!

This year, where I would normally stay in bed on a Bank Holiday weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to spend the weekend relaxing and taking in the sights in Battersea Park, but before that we booked a night at a Stay City Hotel in Greenwich. (Will save for another post 🙂 )


This was the second time I had stayed in a Stay City Hotel and I love the modernity of them. They in effect provide a home away from home feeling. I have found that the service I receive is always to a high standard and the customer care is exemplary. Our room had all the essentials and I made sure I checked the bedding and bathroom as these are often the two areas where hotels may miss the mark (I am very particular about cleanliness!) but again, this Stay City hotel was above board and left an overall positive impression on me.

I was really impressed with the large reception area. This Stay City is positioned right next to a Train Station so it was buzzing and filled full of people. The price of the room was under £100 for the two of us and the price only got bumped up slightly because we decided to have breakfast in the morning.

Now forgive me for even thinking this, but I had absolutely no idea that Stay City Apartments even had breakfast facilities! ( I know, I know) I honestly believed it was all self catering. However, when we awoke we were met with a full breakfast bar, similar to what you get when you holiday abroad. There were options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. There were varied choices to pick from and being my greedy self, as much as my head told me to opt for muesli and yogurt, my head moved towards a full English!

This stay city apartment/hotel also had a lovely and quite large in size balcony and as this August Bank Holiday was surprisingly, extremely hot; it was really relaxing just to sit and eat outside.

Before I visited the Stay City Apartments, I held a number of preconceptions about them and didn’t think that they were completely comfortable. However, after staying at the Hillingdon branch I can not sing their praises enough.

If you have never stayed the night at a Stay City Hotel, I would strongly suggest you check them out and visit their official site HERE for more details.



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