Things To Do In South: A Spontaneous Dessert Date at Creams, Peckham

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This time around, things are better, a lot better. Maybe distance and time apart has made the heart grow fonder but these past few months with my better half have been the best they’ve ever been. Now, I can’t speak for him (for obvious reasons) but I know we are much more spontaneous now. We meet up randomly without much planning and we do our best to fit each other in. This may be only for a few hours here and there but I can honestly say, in these past few months this man has been my rock, financially, emotionally and physically he hasn’t let me down and I feel that for the longest time; for years in fact I have been pretty guarded when it comes to him because things have gone wrong so many times. But with the focus of my blog being more transparency and showing you all me as I really and truly am. I wanted to let you in (even if just a little bit) into my life and outings with my hubby.

If you are an OG and have been stopping by my blog or my social media platforms, you will know that I am a South London gal and to be honest, although I moan about it from time to time, there really isn’t any other place I would want to live. Peckham has had its fair share of negative press over the years and although and by no means can any of this be erased. There are many people who have lived in Peckham their entire lives like me and have witnessed the rapid changes that are taking place on a daily basis within our community. There are now new shops opening that years ago would not have set up in Peckham.

I knew things were changing when Peckham Levels came, now we have the Dance and Drama School Mountview and further to this, Costa’s is here. Right now, the streets are hyped because Nando’s is coming too! So you get the picture, things are changing and whereas I would normally take a date night outside my area and travel out. Recently we’ve been checking out what’s in and around us and after seeing it on my frequent drives to and from my office, we decided to check out the new Cream’s.

I love desserts and if I have to choose between waffles or crepes, crepes always win! I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to my food and will tend to stick with what I like because that way, I can’t be disappointed. But on this occasion, I thought I would be extra and have a crepe with chocolate sauce! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking! It just didn’t work with me guys, it’s strawberry sauce all the way but I was pretty impressed with myself that I tried something a little different for a change. Nonetheless, I opted for a Strawberry and Banana Crepe with chocolate sauce and it filled the gap.

I really love the interiors of the Peckham Creams, modern and colourful. The customer service was on point and I was impressed to see that they have an entire Vegan menu also which is pretty impressive as many other dessert shops do not have enough vegan options.

I also liked the fact that in order to access the ladies, I had to type in the code on the bottom of my receipt which I hadn’t had in any other Creams shop. To wash it all down I opted for a Mango, Passion fruit and Banana smoothie which tasted so good!

Overall for both of us two desserts and two smoothies was just under £20 which is a pretty fine bargain.
Peckham is without a doubt changing and the opening of Creams is without a doubt a welcomed addition.

It was recently suggested to me by one of my lovely friends on Instagram that I should showcase and review more eateries and things to do in Peckham and I am now going to do just that but focus on South London too so look out for more reviews on all things food and entertainment over the coming months.

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