Bumblezest: A Drinks Range To Shout About

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I feel a sense of pride typing this. In fact, you may be mistaken to think that with this opening line, these drinks are made by someone I know. However, nothing could be more further from the truth. I just know what it is like to start with an idea and a dream to make it a reality. I did it when I started my magazine In-spire LS in 2010 and I’m doing it again in 2019 with my new baby ‘WomenWhoSlay‘. So much of yourself goes into launching a venture. There are so many fears and anxieties which come to the fore when you let those around you in on your world and what you have been creating. That’s what resonated with me the most when I was contacted by Bumblezest to review their brand of waters and juice shots made to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of their consumers.

An idea that was born from their kitchen in Battersea, husband and wife and two additional and just as vital team members, Bumblezest drinks were created to help people everywhere deal with the daily stresses of modern life. The vision was to create drinks that could be consumed on the move and that would give a immediate health kick. The key focus would be on an individuals overall health, weight management, vitality, complexion and wellbeing.

Receiving and sampling these was particularly important to me as I have severe chronic fatigue and low blood pressure so if anyone needs a boost, I do. It was also important for me to drink them when I wasn’t feeling very good to see if they had any positive effects on me.

I was sent three separate cans to try. They were: Ginger, CBD and Tumeric (made to rescue and remedy)  Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender (made to flourish and flow) and Yerba Mate Match and Green Coffee ( made to help fuel and focus)

The result: I did feel much drinking the Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender flavoured sparkling water but I was surprised by how okay they tasted as I was sure it wouldn’t be at all appealing due to the ingredients. Nonetheless, I pressed on and found that the Ginger, CBD and Tumeric drinks and the Yerba Mate really helped to perk me up when I consumed them first thing in the morning. I found I wasn’t feeling overly sleepy during my commute and I felt overall more able to face the day.

As far as the notable health benefits, here are just some of the brands selling features:

  • They have a vegan range + one collagen shot
  • They are low sugar and low calories
  • They contain no preservatives, additives, GMOs or colours
  • They are Gluten, Dairy, Lactose and Nut free
  • Each drink is packed with flavour, delicious and tasty

A great way to see what impact a brand has within their market is to compare reviews and to recognise where they are being stocked.

The Great British Food Magazine said “Just one sip and you’ll feel revitalised”
Telegraph Magazine said it “Positively shrieks better health” and
Grocer Magazine stated that the Bumblezest drinks range was “arguably one of the the most daring launches of the year”.

After sampling these health drinks, I actually see what all the fuss is about!

Major stockists include: Wholefoods Market, Ocado and Budgens to name but a few.

You can also buy in bulk via their online store with prices ranging from £18 right up to £45.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice these drinks were as I typically hate Sparkling water. Nonetheless, the Bumblezest brand ticked all the necessary boxes and I cannot wait to see how the brand grows and expands over the coming months.


Many thanks to the dynamic duo and their team for sending me them to try. 🙂


Visit their official website HERE


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