Today Sucks But My Outfit Doesn’t!- Slaying in Snakeprint

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I ain’t going to lie guys, I wasn’t going to blog today. It’s been a Manic Monday and I quite frankly want to ‘shoot the whole day down’!. Today has been stressful! as it seems like everything that could go wrong, undoubtedly did. I have been trying to talk myself out of this funk, but to be honest, I can’t and I am not really in the mood to sugar coat it, this day sucks and not much has been able to redeem it. You know those days that are just not going to make a turnaround. I’ve had one. Yet, I have committed to blogging more regularly and being more transparent with you because:

  1. Transparency is vital – when you’re trying to build a loyal following.

  2. Consistency is key- to build your readers trust and to encourage them to come back.

And to be honest, I like hanging out on here. I can just push aside my issues, forget my stresses and just openly and honestly share. All while posting up some dope fashion pics.

I was going to turn this post into one where I source other snake print clothing and accessory loves from a range of online websites. But, I’ve decided to save that for another post!

Instead, I want you to feast your eyes on this gorgeous two piece from my fave online e-tailer FemmeluxeFinery. Not only have their clothing remained affordable but they are really on trend too meaning you can look good for less.

I now have a affiliate code guys which means that if you purchase directly through my link, I can earn a few coins so of course, I would welcome it if you did 🙂

This snake print body suit is dressy, classy and sexy all at the same time. Just by changing what you wear it with, helps to use it as a transitional piece from day to night. Aside from this shoot which shows more of an evening look, I teamed this top with a pair of distressed jeans and trainers and still pulled it off.



What do you think of the snake print trend? Yay or Nay?


Bodysuit – Femmeluxe
Skirt- Everything5pounds
Heels, Earrings & Clutch – Primark
Jacket- H&M
Shades- Roman Road Market (London)
Ring- Krazy Sexy Kool


I’m An Ambassador for UK Lingerie Brand Lucy Rose

Hey guys, let me just take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year! I haven’t actually sat down and written a post on a personal level for quite a while. I have so much I want to share with you all over the next few weeks and this is one of them! For those of you who have supported me on my blogging journey, you would know that I am by no means a stranger to posing in my underwear.

Showing Up and Showing out in Na-Kd

Nothing makes me feel sexier than clothing that shows off and extenuates my curves. I am by no means super curvy but I am also not stick thin either and I love the body I have now. I have been working out for a number of months to achieve a sexy, toned and tight booty and more toned legs and hips and things are finally paying off.

1 Leather Pant, 3 ways – My collaboration with (Part 1)

I can’t lie guys, as much as I love collaborations, I am not really one to shoot the bulk of my content indoors. This is great in summer months but when it comes to winter, it gets that more challenging. So when I was contacted by to style their faux leather cargo pants in three ways, I was initially going to decline because it meant I would have to venture outside. (I know right!) but when it comes to my content, it’s really important that I put out the best that I can so whilst out shopping I stopped and thanks to my personal photographer (Thanks mum) I was able to capture a few shots of this look.


What do you think?

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October 15, 2019

My vote is a definite ‘YES ‘!!! You are always so breathtaking and glamorous! I’m sorry that you didn’t have a good day but remember that your best days will always outweigh your worst.

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