#TheFoodieFiles | Afternoon Tea at The Corus Hotel & Hilton Olympia

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You honestly do not have to spend an arm and a leg to treat yourself to some luxury living. Afternoon Tea has always represented something more than just sipping tea and eating scones for me. The act of going to a luxurious hotel in the city and taking in the beautiful decor and interiors as well as immersing yourself in something you I wouldn’t do everyday in many ways keeps me motivated to keep working and striving for more. Although, I wouldn’t want to have afternoon tea everyday (because let’s face it; it would spoil the fun) I like the act of treating myself and breaking away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

I waited a long time to write this review as I really wanted to include more than one experience and also suggest more that one option for you to try if you are London based.

The first hotel I attended Afternoon Tea at was the Corus Hotel in Hyde Park  situated in the heart of London, it is positioned in a key area for some necessary sight seeing and is not too far from the high street shops. The building itself was very easy to find and we took the underground straight there from Elephant and Castle Tube station, arriving in just under 15 minutes.

Upon arrival we were met with the waiting staff who were instantly attentive to our needs and took our booking number. We were then led (I went to afternoon tea with mumsy) to a cute table in the corner of the restaurant which was nice and private.

We pre-paid for a standard afternoon tea platter which includes two scones; reasonably sized with clotted cream and jam. On the bottom plate was a range of sandwiches which included cucumber sandwiches, egg mayonnaise and salmon. This plate also included small Vol A Vonts. On the top plate was a range to scrumptious mini cakes. We were then asked if we wanted normal Earl Grey tea or herbal. I opted for both, which they allowed me to pay in the main price however I paid between £4-£6 extra to get us both a glass of white wine.

It was such a relaxed atmosphere throughout. Even though there were other people in the room, it wasn’t off putting and the afternoon went without any issues. The service was great throughout our time there and overall I absolutely loved the experience.



Afternoon Tea at Corus Hotel was brilliant as expected and only £21 and was discounted from £39 for two people.

Then two weeks ago I attended afternoon tea with my mentee at the Hilton Olympia in Kensington. I can honestly say that booking afternoon tea is best fitted for Sunday afternoons as in this instance I drove and the process; apart from a little traffic the commute was very straightforward. I was able to obtain parking space very close to the actual venue and didn’t have to pay for congestion charge or parking as it was a Sunday, so it was a win/win.

Upon entering, the vibe here was a little different as afternoon tea was based inside the Hilton’s rather large bar and dining area. It wasn’t as cosy as the set up at Corus but the decor was really pleasant and the customer service was exceptional. The afternoon tea options were also very nice but on this occasion, I opted out of including wine in the experience but it didn’t take away from it at all.

The three tier plates were similar to what you received at Corus Hotel. The top plate contained sweet cakes and savories, the middle contained two large scones with jam and clotted cream and the last tray was filled with sandwiches.

The best part about the Hilton Olympia venue was the decor. I particularly liked the turquoise chairs which gave an impression of luxury and ambiance. Our afternoon experience at Hilton Olympia was under £25 pounds for two people as was well worth every penny.

Both afternoon tea experience were purchased from Groupon and are highly recommended.


#TheFoodieFiles | The Cow @ Stratford Westfield

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