Vogue X Westfield  ‘WEEKEND OF WELLNESS’ Event

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It’s so important to mix work with pleasure and to make time to do the things that you actually enjoy doing. My mum and I have recently started reading Vogue Magazine (UK) and since the new Editor Edward Kobina Enninful has taken on this role, the magazine is as diverse, colourful and vibrant than ever before. More vitally; there is a nice contrast of high and mid-end fashion accessories and clothing to fit all budgets and taste. 

Upon reading the most recent edition, my mum came across an exciting event taking place at Westfield Stratford. For one weekend only, Vogue Magazine collaborated with Vogue Magazine to offer shoppers the opportunity to gain access to healthy foods, offers and free events that would usually be quite costly. I was sure that there would be queues of not only shoppers but bloggers alike who wanted to get their hands on these goodies.

Attending at least one of the days was also a way of me getting my mother to visit Westfield Stratford for the very first time! (yes, I know).

On a Sunday, Westfield Stratford opens from 12pm-6pm which is ample time to check out the shops down there and grab a bite to eat. 

We initially had a little trouble trying to find the location as we had hoped that we would be able to follow the flock of bloggers and shoppers trying to get their perfectly manicured hands on the goodies. Madly, however this wasn’t the case at all. Once we were able to find where the weekend of wellness was situated, it wasn’t swamped at all. My only guess is that readers of Vogue simply didn’t see the little notice inside the issue inviting them to attend as it would be crazy not to. 

Nonetheless, we dived straight into what was on offer. To start, we were handed an informative pamphlet that took us through the event map, event partners, the studio timetable for the exercise sessions and the in-store offers. 

The Weekend of Wellness area was split into the Meditation Zone where shoppers were given the opportunity to trial Calm’s audio meditation sessions including sessions for calming anxiety and managing stress. 

Although, we didn’t have the time to access the meditation zone, having attended a number of meditation sessions with Love & Light Meditation, I can first hand state that meditation is beneficial and is something that every woman (and man) needs to incorporate into their day to day life. 

The Studio was another wellness offer where you could escape into free time-tabled exercise classes and workshops. 

It was in the Wellness Bar that we had the most fun. I sampled the vegetable/cold soups called gazpacho by Alvalle as well as the Kombucha drinks by KeVita.  Sampling both of these drinks was WAY out of my comfort zone but I jumped right in and had a taste of both. Gazpacho is a Spanish delicacy and one that makes a perfect appetiser or light lunch accompaniment. To be honest, the gazpacho wasn’t for me; although it tasted good, I found the more I drank the more I was tempted to pour it into a container and warm it up in the microwave! The great thing about us humans however is that one person will love it and the next won’t.  The kombucha on the other hand was awesome.


Kombucha has been a must in the wellbeing industry for a long while and after having a glass of the peach and pineapple brew, I wanted to have more. There are so many recognised benefits of Kombucha due to its fermentation process it is rich in probiotics. It is also known to help assist with cancer risk, heart disease, weight loss and liver health as well as the digestive system. 

The best part for me was sampling the vegan F!lth burger which promised to be London’s hottest new plant based burgers. I honestly couldn’t fault them! They were full of flavour and as good if not better than a meat burger and I honestly mean that (which is impressive coming from a serious meat eater!). 

Aside from the great food and drinks, the Vogue X Westfield Stratford Weekend of Wellness offered shoppers the opportunity to access beauty treatments and gave them offers and promotions in the shape of money off from brands including restaurants including: Cabana, Las Iguanas, Pinkberry London, Dermalogica, Pasta Remoli and All Star Lanes. 

Overall, this event was a great opportunity to find out about brands I hadn’t seen before and to think more about my own self-care and development and ensuring that this is a priority. 

Thank you to Vogue X Westfield Stratford for making my weekend extra special. I had and amazing day with my mum and now feel more encouraged to focus on more wellbeing content. Watch this space. ☺


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