Weekview Business Planner 2019 Review

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Ever since I decided to work with a more focused discipline on my blog, things have really gone up a notch. There was a time when I used to sit and imagine brands sending me products to review without my having to ask for them or putting in a request with their PR. I enjoyed the process sometimes, but most of the time; I wanted my work to speak for itself and now fast forward to 2019, I’m getting more and more brands contacting me to collaborate.

One thing you will without a doubt receive from each post you read on SashaShantel.com is complete honesty and transparency when I review the products or clothing I’ve been gifted. I want you to trust my opinions and know that I have used the products thoroughly and I truly believe they’re worth investing in.

This is the case with the Weekview Business Planner 2019 which I was gifted a number of months ago. Between work, running my new brand and developing sashashantel.com, as well as working on my first book and training to become a Life Coach you could say I’ve got my hands quite full at the moment and as a result I’ve grown accustomed to having more than one diary. I usually carry around two, with one being dedicated to my personal and social life and the other being used for my work and brands.

The Weekview Business planner strikes the right balance  between the two worlds and is functional enough to allow you to combine the diverse areas of your life in one diary. The diary itself is attractive and comes in a soft leather binding and is split between the following sections.

  1. Introduction- An introduction into the brand overall vision, mission and passion as well as a space to list all personal information about yourself including your name, contact address and email details.
  2. Yearly overview-2019-2021 – This is extremely helpful as it allows you to plan ahead and put together your short term, medium and long term goals over a period of time. Being able to see it in one place is a great motivator and has helped me to stay on track on my goals and aspirations so far this year.
  3. Holidays and Timezones- All of the key holidays and events throughout the year.
  4. Yearly goals and reflection 2019- This section is perfect for drafting up a clear plan for both your personal and professional development. Each page comes with its own inspirational quote which inspire and empower you from day to day. This also includes a valuable quarterly evaluation section which allows you to analyse and review areas of your personal development such as reviewing your personal and negative experiences and looking over what you took from them.
  5. Calender- An essential area to jot down key events
  6. Business Tools (with index) – This has been a major life saver for me and has allowed me to plan out key deadlines and objectives I have for my brand.
  7. Lists and Notes- There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t compile lists on the move. I honestly couldn’t function without my to do lists.
  8. Contacts- Mobile phones for a long time have completely taken over how we log our contacts. It’s great to revert back to good ole pen and paper and have a backup in the event things go wrong.

This planner has been an essential part in my organisation over the last few months. I absolutely love the functionality of it and the way I can use it for both the personal and professional areas of my life. The planner also comes with a number of additional inserts including 2 sheets of colourful stickers which can be used in all your planning as well as the implementation stage.

Being a creative and continually being on the move has meant that it’s been essential that I have a planner which fulfills all of my work needs and the Weekview Business Planner is an necessary tool in both my personal and professional development and can be used well after the year is over.

Due to the fact that this planner is so multifaceted, it is no shock that it is currently out of stock but in the meantime, Weekview have an array of other planners that are equally effective both in their practicality and in their cost.

Many thanks to Weekview for sending me this fantastic planner.

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