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As most of you know, particularly if you are a frequent visitor to my site; I love my food. But, to be honest; I’ve been eating far too much of what I like the look off recently and by not exercising any discretion over my food choices, I have undoubtedly put on weight! Nonetheless, that really hasn’t stopped me taking up any opportunity to eat out and this post is well and truly overdue.

I am probably pretty late to the party but I honestly didn’t realise how good the food at The Blues Kitchen would be. I had seen images of people’s dishes online via their social media handles but I never imagined the food would taste as mouthwatering and full of flavour as it was.

The Blues Kitchen situated in Acre Lane, Brixton, London is a Cajun/BBQ bar and restaurant which is decorated with tiled walls, booth and bar seating and incorporates nightly blues and soul evenings for entertainment.

My best friend and I booked The Blues Kitchen for an impromptu catch up and to hopefully consume some great food and that is exactly what we did.

To be completely honest with you, we didn’t do much talking for the first 10 minutes because we were stuffing our faces. I ordered their Buffalo Wings which came with blue cheese dip, Mac and Cheese with Cornbread with honey butter, Cajun Chicken and Fried and a glass of coke. My best friend went halves with me but also ordered a chicken burger as part of her main course. I also had a side of ribs (sorry guys, occasionally I do eat pigs though I’m working on quitting that!)

When it came to the décor, the decoration was perfect and completely captured my idea of what a Blue’s inspired restaurant should look like.

Let’s just say, we were too stuffed to even consider getting a main course! The food was perfection and it’s funny because speaking to my friends about their experience, they have told me a different story. However, for me, the food at The Blue’s Kitchen could do no wrong. It was flavoursome, well cooked, not too greasy and as near to soul food as I’ve every consumed from a public restaurant. Overall,  everything was perfect and left a pleasant aftertaste. 

Where price is concerned, what you receive for your money isn’t the worst deal either and the portion size overall makes you feel you got a good value for money.

The key features about The Blues Kitchen wasn’t even the food but was instead the exceptional customer service that we received throughout our visit. We were simply blown away by the attention to detail, the speed in the delivery of our food and the overall care in whether we enjoyed our experience or not.

Before I had even left the venue, I was busy planning  my next visit!

My plan now is to re-visit The Blue’s Kitchen again for my birthday in April and I’m counting down the days! The food was to die for and if you want a meal that will leave you feeling full for hours, has a great portion size, excellent customer service and the perfect setting for a catch up with friends or for a special occasion. The Blue’s Kitchen is right on top of my recommended list.

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