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I don’t know about any of you but I am TIRED of working for people. I’m more determined than ever to create alternative means of making money and I really want to make blogging and personal development i.e my life coaching and my female empowerment brand. I have a passion for helping people and to make a life for myself doing a combination of all these things would without a shadow of a doubt be a dream come true.

Because, let me be completely honest with you. I hate working for people. I hate being told how long my lunch break can be and how long I can go on break. Damn it, if I want to spend half the day in the toilet cubicle, ignoring the office phone and any form of human interaction, I should have the right to!. More than all of this though, I have a bigger purpose than pushing and pulling my mind, body and soul from left to right to fulfill the dreams and ambitions of my bosses when I have a dream far bigger and greater than their vision in my heart.

We are only on this planet once, and if we do it right, once will be more than enough. I am the first to admit that I was on track to moving away from this rat race with my online magazine In-spire LS. But, as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I also ran the risk of selling my soul in the process as I wasn’t helping anyone with it. I wasn’t improving the lives of anyone around me and was just basking in spa breaks and free restaurant gigs.

At least in my day to day work, I help people. However, it still is within the confines of the four walls of this establishment and I know my purpose is far greater than this. Procrastination has been my biggest enemy for the longest time. I have a bundle of goals to attack; goals that will help move me from where I am to where I undoubtelu could and should be. Yet, I have acquired this terrible habit of sitting in one place and doing nothing for hours on end. I put this down to stress most of the time and this mixed with an immense and complex need to get out from where I am leaves me frozen in fear. For what if things never change? what if I’m where I am forever?

This thought pattern has creeped in time and time again. However, I was able to spend this weekend and much of yesterday, reviewing my brands and my blog and it dawned on me that I CAN change my life with the resources I have built up around me. Much of my success is down directly to my own determination to succeed. Much of the battles we face on a day to day basis is conjured up in in our minds. We’re our own undoing. However, I’m kinda done with any defeatist mentalities. I have done more than my fair share of soul searching and I know that I have a far bigger destiny than the one I am living right now. Consistency is key. Knocking doors once in a while will not get them to open. You need to keep banging away on them and make a decision to not take no for an answer.

Right now, I’m clear on two things. 1, I want to help people and make real difference in the lives of others. Through writing my book, developing my female empowerment brand ‘Women Who Slay’ and completing my Life coach training, I can really begin to do this. I also know that YouTube really isn’t for me; when it comes to my personal brand anyway. So I will be focusing on my blog and Instagram right now. None the less. I will be using it much more for my female empowerment brand

I know more than ever that quitting is NOT an option and there is so much more to experience in life and I am more than wiling and ready to work for the privilege of building a life I don’t need a vacation from. You with me?

About my outfit….

My style is changing and I feel it’s becoming that more mature. As you all know, I don’t follow trends per say and tend to where what I want when I want. Although, I’m not particularly a fan of Winter, I do appreciate the knits you get to wear during this season.

Femmeluxefinery simply have it in the bag with their winter collection. Affordability and comfortability is right at the top of their list. The colour of this jumper is lovely but I’ve never been very good with cream for obvious reasons). However, I really wanted to put a monochrome look together. The cream chunky cable knit split side jumper is a dream.

It’s thick and went perfectly with my faux leather skirt which is an oldie but goodie from Primark. To complete the look I teamed the jumper with my open toe black boots from Ebay and my stylish and classy black bag with gold detailing is from Primark also. I also added my real leather and suede jacket, a classic and timeless buy from H&M which added that much more to the outfit. This has to be one of my fave looks yet.

What’s your thoughts on it? Did I nail the look?




Sasha Shantel X Love Leggings #LiveInLove

I hadn’t heard of this brand before they reached out to me for a collaboration. But I can honestly say that I was missing out as I have never worn a pair of jeans so comfortable; and I mean NEVER! I practically shot this look then returned home and wore it at home too. That’s the kind of comfortable I am referring to.

Orange Is The Colour

I’ve never ever purchased an orange blazer before. In fact; I don’t really own much orange clothing. But there is something really amazing about this orange blazer. I have your typical black and blue blazers, I also own yellow and green blazers, but nothing beats my new fave. I had already planned my all white ensemble and knew that the blazer would make it a LOOK. But, I honestly was not ready for this.

Stunting In My Green Shein Suit

Don’t I honestly look like a Jazz musician in this suit? lol; but I absolutely love it! I really wanted to try something a LOT different from my norm. Fashion is about pushing boundaries and not always sticking to your comfort zone. This suit couldn’t be further from my comfort zone. A bright green, not tight fitting suit teamed with big black boots. I never felt so free in this easy and effortless look.


What do you think?

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