How Can a Fitness Ball Help Your Body?

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Working out with a Fitness Ball can be beneficial for you in increasing your sense of balance and improving muscle tone. These are comfortable to use, air-filled, durable and lightweight. A few of these can also support as much as 600 pounds of weight. These are often also referred to as Yoga ball, Gym ball, Stability ball and Swiss ball among others. The name ‘Fitness Ball’ is also used. Find out about some of the prime advantages of using these balls. If you want good muscle tone then you should use fitness ball in your gym on regular basis to improve your posture and muscle balance. It is a best method to remove your back pain. It is better than sitting on a chair because your core strength will increase.


When a fitness ball is used in a proper way during your fitness routine, your flexibility can be improved. This type of an exercise ball can be used for warming up muscle and stretching them prior to a workout. This can potentially help prevent injury, and even assist in ensuring the functionality of joints and muscles.

Improving balance

These balls can engage your stabilizer muscles even when you simply sit on them. You should use your back and abdominal muscles to ensure that you maintain your balance while sitting on the ball. When you train properly with this type of a ball, it can work wonders in giving you a healthy posture. It is essential that you preserve perfect alignment while making use of these exercise balls for avoiding injuries. The unstable surface of the ball needs users to make use of their core muscles even more. These make standard fitness regimens more enjoyable, but these also have fantastic physical benefits. It is not for no reason that these balls are increasingly being lapped up in Exercise classes, Pilate’s studios, Yoga studios and fitness facilities.

Making your workouts varied

Once you use a Fitness Ball in your daily exercise regimen, it can make your daily workout slightly varied. A few fitness experts suppose that individuals having strong cores might be at a reduced risk for suffering injuries in the muscle zone for future. With this kind of a piece of equipment, there is no need for you to hire a physical therapist or a personal trainer in order to be able to know how this kind of an exercise ball has to be used. You can use this type of a workout balls with a Pilates exercise program or Yoga. It can be also used for the purpose of physical therapy.

Always keep in mind; it can always be worthwhile for you to consult your physician proper to starting a fitness exercise program, particularly in case you suffer from any medical issues or injuries. Those using this type of a ball are able to carry out basic abdominal exercises or to stretch their muscles. You can use it for strength training exercise routines and even low-impact aerobic exercise.

Making the core muscles stronger


Once you properly use a Fitness Ball, it can make your lower back muscles and abdominal muscles stronger. These muscles are responsible for safeguarding your lumbar spine, and assist your body in maintaining the stability of the core. Often, this group of muscles is used when you carry out various daily activities such as reaching and lifting. Some of the core muscles include:

  • Erector spine
  • Oblique abdominals
  • Transverse abdominals
  • Rectus abdominals

Such muscles assist the body in moving in just about any direction. With a strong core, your lumbar back area can be protected ad any weight-bearing stresses can be balanced. Such core muscles make the shoulder, pelvis and spine stable. There are plenty of advantages of using a fitness ball to perform regular exercises as well as other complex workouts in your gym as well as in your own home.



Words by David Fenton


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