Because Your Feet Are Important Too! – My Review of SOLE Insoles

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Yes, this really isn’t a typical post you’d find on but I’m really working on diversifying the content I provide and in turn giving you information and reviews that will prove in one way or another beneficial to you. Trust me when I say that your feet matter a hell of a lot. After all, we spend a massive percentage of our time on our feet and they carry a lot of pressure. I for one have quite problematic feet as my big toes are not straight on both feet. This has led to an added pressure being placed on the centre of the soles of my feet. The end result being that in winter especially, because of the cold weather. The centre of my feet gets extremely sore.

To combat this I have regular pedicures and I massage cream into the problematic areas each night before sleeping. However, this doesn’t help much when I put on particular footwear.

I’m also embarking on a fitness journey where I am working out everyday and that to applies extra pressure to my problem areas.

So you can imagine I was pretty happy to resolve a form of insole for sports shoes/trainers named SOLE which are made to help relieve pressure and in turn, reduce the pain in your feet.

SOLE Insoles are unlike any other insoles I have used before as they first thing you notice is that they’re hard. I have often worn insoles that are bendable and flexible. However apart from the initial comfort you get, the support there after hasn’t been that great.

SOLE are different as they’re much more rigid. SOLE are an award-winning brand that work differently to other insoles as they’re orthopaedic and that customise to the shape of each individuals feet in turn taking away pain and giving support exactly where a person requires it.

I have exercised wearing the SOLE on more than 5 occasions and the soles have removed the pain I have in the centre of my feet almost instantly.

Another key factor which make these a must have item, especially if you work out often is that they don’t smell. Often after a period, in soles often leaving a pungent odour however, with each wear I have found that the soles have no odour at all.

Here are some other key selling features of SOLE.

  1. Equalised pressure distribution
  2. Deep heel stabilisation
  3. Immediate step in comfort.

I can honestly say that the SOLE in-soles have greatly improved my workouts and my overall comfort while working out and during any time I wear trainers.

Check them out and other in-soles from this award-winning brand HERE




*Many thanks to Rebecca at Action PR for sending me the SOLE insoles to review. This post is not sponsored and my review is based solely on my experiences.


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