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Now if you’ve been following my little space on the world wide web you would know that I absolutely love eating out. It’s the social aspect of the entire thing that I like the most because not only are you (hopefully) getting a lovely meal to enjoy but it also allows you to catch up with whomever you’re dining with.

This was most definitely the case when I was given the opportunity to review the fine dining restaurant, Sienna’s situated in Shenfield, Essex. I was invited by my dear friend Steve from the Essex based radio award-winning radio station Phoenix FM to review this newly opened restaurant.

Located just across the road from Shenfield Train Station, Sienna’s is a contemporary restaurant that offers diners an eclectic fusion of great British dishes which are immaculately presented and are matched with a phenomenal tastes throughout their diverse menu.

Upon entering Sienna’s I was first struck by how beautiful the interior decor was. A great amount of effort has been paid to ensure that your dining experience is an unforgettable one. The wall art and furnishings were complimentary throughout and it smelled of fresh flowers reminiscent of a luxury spa. I hadn’t imagined it would impress me so much, but from the outset Sienna’s offered first class service that only became more evident as the night went on.

The service was exceptional also with the server making sure that our needs were attended to. I often get questioned on this aspect of conducting reviews because of course those who work in any restaurant will be on their best behaviour because they know they’re being watched. However, I get more of a feel of how well a restaurant delivers customer care, based on their interactions with other diners. Throughout my dinner service, the staff ensured that their customers needs were met and did not at no time falter or fail to deliver anything else but their very best.

The menu was impressive and presented enough range to meet all taste palettes. It was pretty difficult for me to make my choices from the menu as all sounded tasty. We helped to make our choice by the helpful server who informed us of what dishes she had received great feedback on. So with a little assistance, I opted for the Sauteed Mediterranean Tiger Prawns, garlic chilli and olive oil to start which was garnished with a lovely side salad.

Honestly, where ever I dine I always check to see if they have a prawn starter and then I conduct a taste test to see which starter comes out on top. I can honestly say that they aced the starter. It was pure perfection. The chilli sauce was full of flavour and was rich in taste but not too spicy. This was a great first choice and perfect start to what was an exemplary meal from beginning to end. ( I also grabbed a few snaps of Steve’s food which look amazing also!)

As an added extra which was extremely welcome the server also brought over this Spinach and and Oyster Potato Gratin which was cooked to perfection and practically melted in my mouth. Flavoursome and a the perfect texture, it was a great addition to the rest of our meal.

For my main I didn’t go too overboard as I have quite a bad habit of eating too much food and not being able to eat the dessert! To follow my scrumptious starter I went for the Chicken Saltimbocca with garlic butter sauce and a side of truffle and parmesan fries. I found the chicken to be only a tad bit too salty but that was balanced out pretty well with the fries. I was a little apprehensive about the parmesan fries as I hadn’t had it before but once I began tucking in, I knew it was the right choice.

The best part of about this food choice is the brilliant aftertaste which remained after. It was simply splendid dishes cooked to perfection.

When it comes to the dessert, I have to say I’m absolutely a bore because I tend to hardly read the menu, opt for anything chocolate and go with that! However, of late; I’ve really been trying to step out of my food comfort zone and try different things so upon further inspection the dessert menu I decided to try the Passionfruit Pavlova with Mango and Papaya and I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted so good and although though a tiny bit sweet, this was really nice and a great choice from what was quite an expansive dessert menu.  (Steve went for the Pot Au Chocolate and Orange with Thick Cream and Cocoa- I made sure I had a quick bite and the chocolate was rich soft, I great choice overall).

I’m based in London and travelling down during rush hour from Peckham to Shenfield took me just over 1 hour. However, if you’re not based in this area but have a major appreciation for fine-dining and trying out new places. Visiting Sienna’s is an absolute must. It really is phenomenal across the board. From the customer service to the immaculate decor to the fantastic menu I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience and will without a doubt be returning to try out other gems from their menu.

As far as pricing is concerned, you definitely get more than what you pay for at Sienna’s. The food is very affordable and your money can go a long way. With a starter ranging from £7 and mains from £14, the portion sizes are great and leave you feeling completely satisfied.

I highly recommend that you add Sienna’s to your restaurant wishlist, it will not disappoint.

A special thanks goes out to the owner Holly for giving me the opportunity to review your amazing restaurant and thank you Steve for being great company and for setting up this unforgettable evening.


Visit their official website to book your table HERE


I give Sienna’s 5 out of 5. x






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