Treat Yourself with Luscious and Organic Body Scrub

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Move over your soaps and shower gels. Organic body scrubs are the new thing to pamper your skin. All those harmful chemicals and parabens that have been your body’s staple in the name of smooth skin and improved cleanliness can now take a backseat.

What exactly are organic scrubs?

An organic body scrub consists of completely natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, sugar granules, bamboo extracts, etc. These scrubs naturally exfoliate your skin’s dead cells without causing any harm.

How effective are organic body scrubs?

Organic body scrubs are more effective than commercially mass-produced products. Their effects are more long-lasting and much less harmful.

An organic body scrub made from completely natural ingredients is eco-friendlier and more trustworthy, causing less of chemical damage to the environment as well as your skin. Our skin needs natural ingredients to retain its youthful nature and glamour.

Body scrubs vs. soaps and everything else

Soaps and shower gels are for more general uses such as daily washing and cleaning. An organic body scrub deep cleanses your skin, exfoliates, smoothens and naturally beautifies you from the inside leaving behind a glow.

This happens because organic body scrubs contain more natural ingredients and are specifically designed for long lasting deep action.

Multi-ingredients and its benefits


You’ll find most body scrubs having a wonderful fragrance and texture. It’s enjoyable to apply them and smell the fragrance last for a long time. An in case of an organic body scrub, the fragrances is more varied, and textures vary from rich and creamy to grainy and silky smooth.

Why such a variety?

That’s because in one single pack of body scrub, you get several natural ingredients, each handpicked to give your skin the best of nourishment and care. Essential oils also form an important part of these body scrubs. These oils have beneficial properties themselves and when combined with the power of a body scrub, they have even more advantages such as moisturizing your skin and keeping it germ free.

Vegan and dermatologically tested

An organic body scrub is vegan and not animal tested. They usually are so, but always look out for such safety tags on the bottles of the products.

Containing natural hydrants and moisturizers, these body scrubs are dermatologically tested. Once again, look out for labels though.

Scrubbing is a joy!

With organic body scrubs, your ritual of scrubbing will be a joy. Try out those beautiful fragrances and varieties, one for each day if you will, and bring back the happy days of childhood in your bathroom.

There’s a growing consciousness around organic products and that’s why several new flavours and fragrances have been introduced with very rare extracts as well. With such rare ingredients in your fingertips, it’s just not possible to let go of it.

You can DIY as well

One of the biggest advantages of an organic body scrub is the ease of availability of its ingredients. For this, you don’t always have to go out and buy; you can easily make one yourself.

Sugar scrubs are some of the most easily made and widely used scrubs. Homemade scrubs have always been a thing, and you can use them for a long period of time. If you have issues over quality checks and ingredients, a DIY organic body scrub is perfect you!

Gifting option

These beautiful scrubs can not only be used by yourself, but they can also be gifted to people on occasions. Surprise your best friend with a shea butter body scrub for not leaving your side all those times you needed to be hugged.

With DIY scrubs, the touch is even more personal and beautiful.

*Guest post by Ashley Kinsela

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