What I’m Wearing On Holiday: Part 1 – Collaboration With Femme Luxe Finery

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I’m feeling pretty smug with myself guys as I’m writing more regularly on my blog. I had a look at my site stats the other day and I was pleasantly surprised about its growth. My biggest readership is still in Denmark and because of that; I’m really keen on getting there to visit at some point. Thank you to each and everyone of you who stops by on my website, it really is appreciated and I’m determined to stay as consistent as possible over the coming months.

I went to Santorini, Greece last year and it was one of the best holidays I ever had. The sights were unforgettable and the people were lovely. I made time for ‘me time’, read books and just chilled. I decided then that I wouldn’t book any breaks this year as 2018 was the year where I needed to put my head down and just work on my direction, both in my professional and personal life and I really need to be sure of where I was heading. However, as 2018 came round, I realised that it is fundamental to book breaks and no matter how much you want to be on your grind 24/7, it’s important to unwind and take time out for you.

So this year I booked a short break in October for my mum and I…  I’m happy that I made the effort to book it and I’m already planning my outfits.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by the fashion bran Femme Luxe Finery on Instagram who asked me to collaborate with them. You have to understand; this was a BIG deal as they were sending me clothing and I didn’t have to buy them!

Their clothing is honestly top quality and are perfect for women with curves. The material of all the garments I was sent were fantastic and they inspired this 3 part series where I share the garments I will be taking on my trip with me.

First up..

This amazing white cotton crochet style dress which fit me like a glove an clung to all the right places. I honestly recommend that you get your hands on this beauty before it sells out. The store have massive reductions and are committed to offering affordable fashion and they don’t fail on their promise. You can grab yours for £19.99 and it’s worth every penny.

I particularly love the slit feature and it’s not only perfect for evening wear but it is the perfect cover-up to wear near the pool or beach. I’ll be bringing it for that very reason.

Not only is this dress sexy, it’s classy too and was perfectly complimented with my perspex heels from Ego Official.

Shooting this look has really ignited my passion for fashion posts so make sure you keep checking back to see the extra fashion features I will be adding.

Get yours HERE



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Sasha Shantel X Love Leggings #LiveInLove

I hadn’t heard of this brand before they reached out to me for a collaboration. But I can honestly say that I was missing out as I have never worn a pair of jeans so comfortable; and I mean NEVER! I practically shot this look then returned home and wore it at home too. That’s the kind of comfortable I am referring to.

Orange Is The Colour

I’ve never ever purchased an orange blazer before. In fact; I don’t really own much orange clothing. But there is something really amazing about this orange blazer. I have your typical black and blue blazers, I also own yellow and green blazers, but nothing beats my new fave. I had already planned my all white ensemble and knew that the blazer would make it a LOOK. But, I honestly was not ready for this.

Stunting In My Green Shein Suit

Don’t I honestly look like a Jazz musician in this suit? lol; but I absolutely love it! I really wanted to try something a LOT different from my norm. Fashion is about pushing boundaries and not always sticking to your comfort zone. This suit couldn’t be further from my comfort zone. A bright green, not tight fitting suit teamed with big black boots. I never felt so free in this easy and effortless look.


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