Seksy New Perfume Line ‘Elegance Review’

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Am I the only woman who often waits to be given perfumes on special occasions like at Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Days, etc?! I have been quite lucky to be gifted amazing perfumes that I then purchase myself because they smell so good!.

I was lucky to be gifted yet another gorgeous perfume, this time from the brand SEKSY. Who have recently launched their beautiful collection of perfumes which come in some of the most elegant bottles I have every seen. They look like tiny spectacles in themselves and are lavish and classy. Each fragrance comes with its own individually designed Swarovski gem which gives the bottle extra glamour and gives each fragrance its own individual identity.

After some deliberation I asked to be sent the perfumes named ‘Elegance’ and the name couldn’t be more fitting. The scent is breath-taking and although sweet; it is not to a sickly nature and lingers in a satisfying way. I really have an appreciation for perfumes that can last the entire day and grows stronger as they day goes on. What I’ve tended to find with newer brands is that you have to continually top up and spray yourself over and over because the scent just isn’t strong or lasting enough. ‘Elegance’ by SEKSY lasts the entire day and smells better as time goes on.

What happens when your perfumes smells good enough to eat?! This is no surprise as elegance is a enticing blend of Jasmine, Rose, Sweet Pea, Mandarin and Violet and has a blackberry musk and plum base. If you pay particularly detail to your pulse points (i.e behind your ear, wrist and in the dip of your neck, these are the areas where the scent really works its magic.

I honestly can’t sing the praises of this perfume any more as it far exceeded my expectations and is a must for your current perfume collection. I now where it each day and find that it works perfectly as an evening scent also.

A 100ml bottle of  SEKSY Elegance costs £45 via the official website All Beauty and from September 2018, you can get your hands on one of these amazing scents from  The Perfume Shop and Next Stores and also from Beauty Base.


Thank you Cheyne from  Essence PR for gifting me with this perfume.


Disclaimer:  This post is not sponsored and all opinions shared on the brand is true and based on my own experiences from using the perfume.

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