Appreciating the Little Things + Life Summary

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I started this blog to have a space to be raw and to share my passions. My ultimate passion is my positive lifestyle magazine In-spire LS. However, a few weeks ago, due to unforeseen circumstances. I lost the entire thing. All my content was wiped and just like that, I had to start again. The timing couldn’t have come at a worst time. I had just moved into an office, a space that I was filled with immense pride over. The amount of sacrifice my mother and I have made this get this space is IMMENSE. However, I was just beginning to make money from my content when just like that, it was gone.

As a result of this, I have to admit it. I’ve slumped a little. Well a lot actually. And I’m not sure about any of you but once one thing happens in this proportion, I start to find issues in absolutely BLOODY EVERYTHING!

My love life is a joke and to think I felt things were moving forward is also a myth. I don’t believe you can fix everything, no matter how much love is there, so for now; I’m drawing a line. A firm, solid one.

Work is a headache and as much as i’m totally passionate about it. It’s pretty draining trying to help people who sometimes, don’t want to help themselves.

My skin is great one minute and then absolutely shitty the next and I still haven’t quite figured out what sets it off, though sadly I have established that not all smoothies work well for me.


So let’s look at the great LITTLE THINGS!

My fitness is going good though and I’m working out every day which is a bonus. LITTLE THING 1.

I’ve also booked a surprise trip/holiday for my mum and I in October. I’m paying the price LITERALLY. But, I’ll make it happen because I always do! LITTLE THING 2

I’ve began to study a few courses that will enable me to launch my second business and build the extension of In-spire LS – Personal & Professional Development Courses and although there’s a lot of work involved, I now feel confident that my life has some direction. At last, I feel like I know what I’m doing. LITTLE THING 3. 

I’ve started to find my flow in writing and have figured out (at last) what my first book will be and it’s actually beginning to take shape . (Go me!)


and finally, I’ve started to film for YouTube and although I’m not completely comfortable with filming (believe it or not) I’m getting there and I’m happy that that’s coming together and so is this blog so overall, even after the major setbacks; i’m a happier bunny than I was a few weeks back.



I’m considering making this a regular feature but might make it a ‘week of gratitude instead’. Let me know your thoughts.


Before I end this blog post, I have to give a big shout out to my Denmark and China as you are the top 2 countries that visit my blog. That’s mad. x


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