#MyLookMyWay | Why I’ll Never Fit The Blogger Mould and Why I’m A’ OK With It!

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I have been blogging since 2007! (Yes, that long and I’m perhaps beginning to show my age!) my only regret since starting, then stopping, then starting, then stopping again is the fact that if I was more consistent with it; I’d probably be more further ahead with it. However, if the truth be told, I have; over the years fallen in and out of blogging for numerous reasons. The number one reason however has to be how contrived the blogging world can be and how flipping annoying it can be to FIT in this perfectly formed world of flat lays and photo shopped pics. The truth is, I just can’t do it! I can’t write 3-5 posts a week and schedule their release at set times of the day.

No I can’t pretend to enjoy the endless blogger networking events where the bigger bloggers pretend to be as down to earth as you; but ooze superiority! (now this isn’t all of them but I have met a few in such circles and how I wish they’d prove me wrong!!), I can’t pretend that I’m a makeup guru and that I’m totally in love with Nars, Fenty Beauty of Kylie Cosmetics because I’m a simple girl who pops into Superdrugs, grabs anything that looks like it’ll go alright and then runs out to go clothe shopping instead. I can’t pretend I want to do hauls and show off what I buy; because most of the time; I buy things then sneak them in the house because I just wasn’t and I repeat WASN’T meant to buy yet another jacket!. I’ can’t pretend my breakfast was perfectly laid out like that when the reality is, I grab a banana as I walk through the door! Because folks, the reality is, I can’t and probably will never fit the blogger mould that seems to run our social media timelines and advertisers fall at the knees of.

Now believe me, in this post I’m not attacking anyone as I respect those writers/creatives/bloggers or whatever they like to call themselves because blogging and vlogging is not easy! In fact, it is the most challenging thing you could ever begin doing and if you think or believe for a minute that it’s the perfect thing to jump on the bandwagon of to gain an extra buck; you really couldn’t be more mistaken.

I’ve just realised that I’m just not that way inclined. In fact, I’m so far removed from it that I couldn’t pretend to be blogger savvy if I tried. However, I’ve come to realise. I’m okay with it. I’m okay to be me, to write whenever the need takes me, to upload when possible and to shoot my looks in the same spot because it works for me and if you follow me or read this blog; I hope you except my unedited pics and ramblings because blogging is about being you, in your own space and sharing it with the people out there who like a dose of your craziness and want a little piece of it.

So hello there, thank you for reading and thank you for accepting me, Sasha Shantel for who and what I am. I’ll probably never ever fit the bloggers mould and I know we’re both totally cool with it. 🙂

About my outfit….

I’m sorry but isn’t this look just too dope! I saw a advert for the brand LOTD (Look of the Day) on Instagram and saw the model wearing this very outfit. I looked at her and knew it would look way better on me so I reached for my phone (I was in bed in a hotel room in Belfast at the time) and just like that it was mine along with three other purchases. Now unfortunately, I wasn’t too happy with the quality of the other three bits, I might share that in another post. However, I was more than happy with this two piece set. The colour is EVERYTHING and compliments my skin tone perfectly. The material of the two piece is top quality and fitted my curves in all the right places. This look is now one of my favourites and it’s the affordability of these pieces that blow me away. The trousers and top are only £10 each! Yes, you read that right and they’re worth every single penny.  My heels are a wardrobe staple, the open toe heel in black of course! As always, Primark delivered and I picked up these beauts for £10 (10 is clearly the magical number of this post).




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Sasha Shantel X Love Leggings #LiveInLove

I hadn’t heard of this brand before they reached out to me for a collaboration. But I can honestly say that I was missing out as I have never worn a pair of jeans so comfortable; and I mean NEVER! I practically shot this look then returned home and wore it at home too. That’s the kind of comfortable I am referring to.

Orange Is The Colour

I’ve never ever purchased an orange blazer before. In fact; I don’t really own much orange clothing. But there is something really amazing about this orange blazer. I have your typical black and blue blazers, I also own yellow and green blazers, but nothing beats my new fave. I had already planned my all white ensemble and knew that the blazer would make it a LOOK. But, I honestly was not ready for this.

Stunting In My Green Shein Suit

Don’t I honestly look like a Jazz musician in this suit? lol; but I absolutely love it! I really wanted to try something a LOT different from my norm. Fashion is about pushing boundaries and not always sticking to your comfort zone. This suit couldn’t be further from my comfort zone. A bright green, not tight fitting suit teamed with big black boots. I never felt so free in this easy and effortless look.


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