When In Spain Visit Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

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I may be a little obsessive with Spain but it is the destination that seriously gave birth to a renewed appreciation for travel. I am not a keen flyer and can find travelling tedious. However, over the past year; I have realised that you haven’t truly lived into you are ready and willing to explore your world.

I think it’s the tedious side of travelling that I struggle with, I don’t enjoy packing, I don’t like rushing to the airport; I hate the anticipation and waiting to board but I will tell you what I do love…


+Exploring new lands and learning about new cultures

+Eating different cuisines

+The warm weather (obviously)

+ The opportunity to have a different scenery (after all, you do get tired of your usual surroundings.


As I have taken a pro-active approach to travelling my next stop will be Amsterdam but until then I have been clearing out my phone and making space for new memories. So never one to miss a good photo opportunity, I have decided to share them here.


I love Football and I am one of those women who possesses a healthy appreciation for the beautiful game. I was lucky enough to stay in Spain with the main intention of visiting Real Madrid’s football stadium. It is as impressive face up as it is in person. The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu holds up to 85,454 spectators and is absolutely amazing.


The atmosphere was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. With heated seats, cheap food and souvenirs to die for, I can honestly say that having watched Football games in the UK, watching in Spain, absolutely blows it out of the water.


I stayed in the most perfect 5 Star Hotel, tasted great cuisine and had fantastic company. After Amsterdam, the plan is to venture here again to watch another match. The only downside was that I was actually watching a Manchester United and Real Madrid match. (I went for the experience as I’m a gunners fan)


Nonetheless, you truly haven’t experienced a phenomenal match until you jump on a plane and head to Spain. Here’s to the next trip!



















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