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What I Wore To Fashion Week

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Hi my lovelies, forgive me. The backlog of blog posts has finally got on top of me! I have over 10 posts pending  and although this is exciting in the sense that I have so much to share with you guys. At the same time, trying to balance all of my ventures at the same time has been exhausting. Does anyone else wish they had the ability to get everything done by the time they said they would? This is definitely something I’m working on.

As you all know, I was invited to my first London Fashion Week as a blogger and it was a fantastic experience. If you haven’t read my full review check it out HERE

When it came to putting together the LOOK. It was important that I wore colours and styles that I wouldn’t usually go for on a normal day. I also wanted to look expensive without having to exhaust my budget. Brown in all its various shades not only gives a warm and rich feel but automatically gives an impression of wealth. I received a great amount of positive feedback on my outfit of choice throughout the day and this was further extended to my Instagram profile.

The most expensive item I wore was this fabulous coat from Everything5Pounds which was from their VIP section and cost £25. The colour and the faux fur detailing made the coat look worth much more that what it is. On a recent visit to Primark I found these brown wide legged trousers which were reduced from £20 to £10. (and they’re still available in selected Primark stores)  Corduroy is still very much on trend and really adds an element of tailoring to any look. I’m in love with forest green and knew it would complement the shades of brown. It was reduced from £10 to £5. (also from Primark) My bag is from, you guessed it Primark and is still available and priced at £10. My boots are an oldie but a goodie and were purchased from Roman Road Market. To complete the look I added a green beret from Ebay.

Do you think I nailed my look?




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