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What happens when It all becomes TOO MUCH & 3 things you can do to raise your spirits

I can’t lie to you, it’s been a very difficult few years. Yes, I said it, years. Since 2015, I haven’t felt that there has been much equilibrium in my life and I have in some respect moved from one trauma to another. To be honest, I don’t think many of those around me have been supportive or useful during this period and have added more stress to me. So this year has been about distancing myself from them, drawing a line under projects and dedicating time to finding me again. You know what happens when you continually help people? they come to expect it and evidently their issues becomes a burden for you to carry. I have felt this for a while and with all the things that I have faced and am currently facing. I am more adamant than ever that I’m going to do everything I can to get myself back on top.

So tell me, what really happens when life becomes too overwhelming and nothing is going right and you feel demotivated and under pressure. Often the first thing that regrettably happens is that we become depressed and self-deprecating. We begin looking at other peoples’ lives and what they have and wonder why we haven’t been able to reciprocate something similar for ourselves. We become negative and angry and those emotions quite quickly move towards sadness.

I know, I’ve been there but I have found ways to get myself out of a rut, time and time again and there are three key things I turn to when I ‘m stuck in a funk. They work for me but of course that doesn’t mean they will necessarily work for you. However, I can’t be the only person that gains great help from people who may be going to similar to what I’m going through.

Hopefully this helps a few of you, let me know if it does 🙂

1.Stop complaining and instead practice showing gratitude….

It’s honestly so easy to moan and complain. If you don’t pay attention to your thoughts, you find that you’re complaining more than you realise. Complaining solves nothing. Yes of course, it is good to get it out of your system. However, complaining only brings around negativity energy and only stands to remind you of all the things you’re unhappy with. It’s impossible to stop complaining completely because as humans we cannot stop thinking so that’s a pointless task. However, what we can strive to do is to think about and acknowledge the things we’re grateful for. Better still, to keep what you’re thankful for in your minds eye, write them down and dedicated a small notebook to just sharing gratitude. Think about all the things that you do have right now, in this very moment. It may be health, it may be having great hair, a nice smile, a car that works, a great parent, a loving pet. Start small and expand your list of gratitude each day. If we were asked to compile a list of all the things we were unhappy with, it would probably go over forever and ever; let’s just be real! However, how often do we dedicate time to just recognising what we’re grateful for. The more you do this, the more you realise that no matter how many low days and moments you may have, you still have brought goodness and abundance into your life and you’re more than able of attracting more.

2. Protect your energy….

I’ve been very mindful of this of late because I have felt that many people have taken my kindness for weakness and have in many ways exploited my good nature. So much so that for a period of time, I stopped wanting to help people and felt bitter as a result of it. Now I’m  focused on dedicating more time to myself care, I take time out for me and I try to limit my interactions with people who I feel are not helping me through my trials or are dragging me down. Now, the truth is; what we often find is that the people that are draining us the most are our family and friends so it isn’t as easy to step back from them. However, it’s difficult, not impossible and if you need to cut down on calls, visits or interactions to protect your headspace, make it happen.

3. Work on forgiving yourself, others and practise the art of letting go…..

This is one that I am working on currently as I’m still angry and upset by decisions that I have made in my past. Like most, regrets and wrong decisions wreck havoc with our attempts to gain inner peace. In all areas of my life, such as  love life, friendship groups, finances and career. I have taken some wrong paths which have led me to where I am now and I have felt sad and bitter about this. However, I’m coming to terms with the fact that the past is exactly that, the past and I haven’t got a means of going back to fix it. All I can do is move forward and be proud of the good decisions I have made and I’m doing my best to forgive those who have let me down. By doing this, I’m making space for the new things that life has in store for me.







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  • Steve
    July 4, 2018

    Keep putting them Liighters Up?