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Taking It Back In Time In Primark

The moment I saw this dress hanging up in Primark, I knew I was onto a winner. The first feature that struck me was how expensive it looked. The material and the overall design made the dress work perfectly and the colour was complimentary to my skin tone. I had styled it before I tried it on. For the most part, I plan an outfit in bed before I awake and then I see whether it works out as I had imagined or not.

This dress gave me a 50’s vibe and I wanted to play on this detailing by pairing it with a Beret and faux fur which automatically presents an air of wealth and elegance. To give the look a modern twist I added my perspex boots which I purchased from Ebay. You can grab a similar pair HERE.

The dress itself is currently on sale now for £15 and is part of their current collection. I have developed a major appreciation of Ebay recently as most if not all of my accessories like hats and belts now come off there. My red faux fur coat is the perfect addition to this look and really tied the whole thing together. I’ve found a similar one HERE

Overall, this has to be one of my favorite looks to date. What do you think of it? Do you agree with me that it has a 50’s vibe?



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