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There really isn’t a better time to start blogging. There is an abundance of support networks on hand to promote, share and retweet your blog links. While on Twitter, I came across the fantastic resource ‘The Bloggers Hub’; an online base where bloggers can register to gain access to products to review and to be provided with updates on upcoming bloggers events taking place in the UK.


Thanks to the #BloggersHub I was recently gifted two packets of SlenderToxTea. The first being a 14 day Teatox for the day #Daytox and a 14 day Teatox for the night #Sleeptox.


I have conducted a great deal of research into the benefits of tea cleanses having seen the phenomenal results that have been attained by both men and women who have consumed the drink for the recommend 14 day period.


I don’t actually need to lose weight however the benefits of the ToxTea beverages are far greater than just offering weight loss (which is of course a fantastic benefit!)



Benefit 1


Colon Cleanse


The aim of a ‘Colon Cleanse’ is to rid the body of nonspecific ‘toxins’ from the colon and intestinal tract. With all of the toxins that we are forced to take into our bodies from the environment or via yur personal lifestyle choices i.e smoking. It is more vital than ever to drink a tea that helps to cleanse the body.


Benefit 2



Increased Energy


With life being as demanding as it is; it is important that you have enough energy to get the most from your day. Having suffered from chronic fatigue and anaemia in the past, this is more than a major selling point.


Benefit 3




I am an herbal tea addict having had my very first cup at age 15. Since then I drink up to three a day and credit them to helping to calm my acne and to curb my hunger pangs. Teas are also very refreshing and is an even better reason to add them to your daily diet.


Benefit 4


Promotes a healthier lifestyle change


Sometimes you need to take one step to kick start your journey into living a healthier lifestyle and something like a Teatox which is structured and timed in a perfect way to implement positive changes.


What excited me most is the ingredients that are in the TeaTox teas which includes: Hawthorn grain, red bean, sterling bean, radish leaf, camellia seed, camellia flower, green tea and fennel seeds.


I official start my 14 day teatox cleanse which promises to #Detox #Slim and #Cleanse me. Keep an eye on my blog for my full review of Slendertoxtea.


I can’t wait to see if there actually is a significant difference.


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