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#MyLookMyWay | Slay All Day

Although I’d be the first to admit that I kinda detest the terms ‘on fleek and slay’; that word does sum up how I looked and felt on this shoot day. You know when you feel like you can take on the world and that your problems are nothing that you can’t handle. That feeling when  you feel like the daily workouts are paying off and that the early morning sessions where the sky is pitch black and you wish the ground would open up and swallow you up because let’s face it, it would be easier if it did at that very moment than having to wake up!

Somehow though, on this day, I felt unstoppable and was really focused on getting as many looks shot as possible. ( I managed 3!)


How dope does red hair look on me? I hate to toot my own horn (well not completely) but I do feel I pull this colour off. The old me would have played it safe and gone for black or brown hair but this would have sold the dress short.


I love this dress from Krazy Sexy Kool UK, it’s perfect for the party season and practically goes with anything. These boots are also lush and were on my lust list for last Christmas, they are from one of my favourite online shoe stores Public Desire. My black fur shrug/coat is an oldie but is definitely a goodie and is from Topshop.


All in all I was quite simply feeling myself (insert Beyonce voice) and am pretty chuffed at how these pictures turned out… onto the next.




















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