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Celebrate the Beauty of You

I’ve noticed that many other bloggers dedicate SUNDAY posts sharing inspirational messages and as writing on this subject matter is something that I initially gained interest from; it made sense to start to implement this on but instead share it on a Saturday.


As many of you know, many things taking place in my personal life has really played a detrimental role in taking away my happiness, my confidence and my overall self-esteem. As a matter of fact, all three have been hindered in a vast way.


One thing that I have taken from this period is that by having time to think about my life and where I’m heading, I have begun to realise that there are so many things about myself that I do love and want to celebrate. Life can undoubtedly take its toll on you but if you take time out to not only focus on the bad but instead give a generous amount of time to the good; you will soon realise that no matter how bad things may be; just being you and celebrating all the things that make you unique can not only help to heighten your mood but act as a reminder that things can and undoubtedly do get better. Here’s a little list of things that I feel make me beautiful and intrinsically me. I encourage you to compile your own list and see just how phenomenal you are. Every time you feel a little low or feel like you have the world on your shoulders, revisit the list and become your own inspiration.


1.My Complexion


Sasha Shantel 6


I’ve always been complimented on my complexion which is the perfect mix of my mother and father. I describe it as ‘nut brown’ and in summer months my skin simply glows.


2. My Eclectic Taste In Music


I’ve always prided myself in having a diverse and eclectic taste in music. I love music and can listen to almost every genre. I love music from the 60’s like The Animals, The Troggs, The Rolling Stones, Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson; the list is endless. I can then switch it up and listen to RnB and Hip-Hop greats like 2 Pac, Biggie, Bone Thugs n Harmony. Music has helped me to get through the best and worst periods of my life. In fact, there really isn’t a day where I don’t listen to music; what would life be like without it?


Music Lover



3. I Love Fashion But Don’t Follow Trends


There are too many people out there who follow trends and don’t actually shop for looks that complement their body or meet their own personal requirements. We live in a world where celebrities, the media and society as a whole presents us with images of how we are ‘supposed’ to look. Young girls like Kylie Jenner have their young faces caked in make-up and wear figure hugging dresses that 17 year olds really shouldn’t be wearing. They don’t look natural and unfortunately many women conform to this way of thinking when it comes to putting together their look. I love my sense of style. I don’t follow trends and I wear what I LIKE. I am a proud bargain hunter and I don’t need name brands or labels to make me feel more adequate. I dress for me and I love how I put my daily looks together.





4. I Love Helping Others


It’s both a strength and a weakness but it is in fact a part of my nature. I have learned more recently that it’s important to decide who you give your time to. I have been burnt I must admit, however I am learning that when you give, you shouldn’t give to receive but should strive to give freely. I have helped hundreds of people during my life in one way or another and although recently I have had this side of me thoroughly tested. I now feel in the right place mentally to now assist others without sacrificing too much of myself.




5. I am EDUCATED On All Levels


I often see people on social media sites go on about how invaluable going to University is. I beg to differ as I found that although it didn’t and couldn’t possible teach me the necessary ‘knowledge’ of my world and my people. What I could did teach me was discipline, focus, time-keeping and also instilled a deeper appreciation of reading. Nothing beats the education you teach yourself however and with information being readily available online (if you are ready and willing to research) there really is no excuse to not be informed about world issues and things that are taking place in your world. I have never ever felt the need to go on about how much knowledge I possess on social media as I have no desire to impress anyone.




6. I LOVE My Smile


They say a woman’s smile is her best curve and that is something that I have been told is one of my best features. Recently, my smile has been taken from me. But, I’m working on getting it back.


My heart


7. I Have An Appreciation Of Sport


I love almost every sport. But, I must remove Darts and Golf from this list as I detest them! I love Athletics, particularly 100m & 200m. I love Tennis and Basketball and I absolutely love Football. I have a healthy appreciation of the beautiful game and I encourage all women to show love to female footballers because we are running things right now.




8. I’m A Good Friend


I always strive to make time for those who are important to me. I would be the first to admit that I can be pretty anti-social and don’t often see my friends all the time. However, if they need me I’m always there and I value that part of my personality.


katie and I


9. My Passion For Writing


I have been writing for years. It shapes my identity. I can honestly say that writing recently has helped me through the hardest period of my life. I have won awards for my writing but that doesn’t matter to me. What’s more vital is that I always have access to this form of expression. If I wasn’t able to write, I’d die.


love writing


10. I’m Just Getting Started


Sometimes you need to have a major setback to prepare for your great COMEBACK. I’ve made the decision to leave the entertainment industry and to embark on a new path. I’m focused on finding myself again and becoming the woman I want to be. I’m beginning to realise that the best story I’m ever going to read is going to be the one about my life and what’s more important is that I’m the one holding the pen.


Spain 2



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