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Usher URX Tour @ O2 Arena

When I was younger I was in love with Usher. No, really I was and I know exactly when it happened. I was watching Top of The Pops and he ripped his shirt off while dance to ‘You Make Me Wanna’ I was hooked and the love affair continued for a long time after that. When ‘Confessions’ came out I practically ran to HMV to get my copy and was definitely left impressed.

However, over the years; Usher lost his shine. Well to me anyway. The last track of his I actually purchased was ‘OMG’ and between that although I listened intently to his dance track offerings. Collaborations with artists including Pitbull (although a fun track) left me feeling not completely satisfied.


However, when a good friend of mine Angel offered to take me to watch Usher’s#URXTour at London’s O2 Arena, I would have been a fool to say no as I hadn’t seen Usher in concert before.

All I can say now is WOW!. Usher was simply amazing. Words can’t even fully describe what I witnessed. From the outset, it was clear that he came to shut the place down. From the moment he entered onto the stage he was sheer perfection. The dancing was on-point, the staging was amazing with a dazzling mix of fire, smoke machines, flashing lights, elevated platforms and a dance troop that were the best of the best. Usher could simply do no wrong.

I was blessed to have excellent seats which were not only situated in a perfect position which was just under a gigantic screen but was also very close to the stage.

I must also mention the lounge area of the O2 before entering into the arena. Angel is a Sky customer and with that I’m learning has a number of features! We basically walked into the venue and didn’t have to queue which is something I have grown accustomed to. We then entered into a beautiful lounge area where you could take your pick of comfy chairs by the bar or in a separate seating area. The bright florescent decor was also pleasing.  There was also the option of food and we both were starving so grabbed the typical hotdog and fries option. (You know how it goes!)



We then entered into the arena and I had the opportunity to witness the spectacle that was Usher. Before Mr Raymond himself came onto the stage he had his support acts ‘Nico & Vinz’. I developed a major liking of this dynamic duo after hearing their smash hit ‘This Is How I Feel’.Which has probably been played by me a total of 10,000 times and counting. I wanted to purchase their album ‘Black Star Elephant’, however was unsure if I would like it.

Usher and Nico and Vinz

Let’s just say that I am so happy that we came early to ensure we got the chance to see them perform live as they were smashing and were just what was needed to amp up the crowd. I will definitely be purchasing their album very soon. They were brilliant and just what I needed.

Now back to Usher…

He performed many tracks; in fact- he performed many more than I thought he would. I got to hear all of my favourites including: You Got It Bad, Yeah, OMG, Climax, Nice and Slow, Burn and Yeah.


Overall, I can honestly say that Usher’s concert was out of this world and couldn’t in anyway be improved.  For those who know me personally. I am a massive LINKIN PARK fan and I have now seen them twice in concert. Although, nothing beats their 2010 concert, Usher ties with it. 🙂



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