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Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

I have very sensitive skin. That’s a very short and to the point statement because my skin has been a problematic subject for me. Over the years; it has appeared that I have developed a allergy of one type or another from  beauty products that contain too much fragrance.

Recently, after monitoring my skin upon drinking my favourite smoothie, I established that I had developed an intolerance to soya milk. Upon moving to rice milk , I established that my skin didn’t quite like that either. Not one to be defeated; i’m moving onto oat milk (I will not lose this battle!)

However, one battle that I’m slowly but surely winning is the battle with finding the right skin care products for my face. Time and time again I have ended up turning to the skin care line Simple as their products are free from fragrance and harsh chemicals.

I recently began seeing an increased amount of articles on Micellar water and really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Did it meet my required standards?

Micellar Water Simple Beauty Review

It did indeed.  Described as a ‘Wonder Water’ it left my skin feeling oil free, less greasy and unblocked my pores. Simple have excelled themselves with this unique triple-purified water which is enriched with an abundance of multivitamins and minerals. Not only has it helped my spot prone skin but is also a FANTASTIC make-up remover.  My skin feels amazingly clean since I began using it and what is even more vital is the fact that the micellar water leaves NO residue.

This gentle cleanser can be used both in the day and night and is simply a GOD SEND.

Beauty Tip:  If you haven’t got the necessary solution top wash your make-up brushes, pour a generous amount of  Simple’s Micelar water into a bowl and put your brushes inside it. You will almost instantly see the make-up roll away. Magic!

I bought mine for £4.49 at Superdrugs but ensure you shop around as Simple are always running generous 2 for 1  or 3 for 2 offers.


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