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Planning With Purpose

I mentioned in a previous post that I didn’t want to make resolutions as I entered into 2016 because I wanted to focus on finding and maintaining my happiness. However, just a mere two weeks into the New Year, I have begun to realise that often people outside of you will try everything they can to dictate to you how you should live your life. Based on their own intentions and need; they force you to listen to them while they false feed you with ideals of what they believe ‘you want to become’ and then have the audacity to pretend as if their intentions for you are for your betterment. I have always found that working for others means that in some strange sense; your identity is distorted to fit their plans and targets. Somewhere in the employment maze you get lost and have to work daily to maintain the work/life balance.


Working on my magazine In-spire LS helps me to do that but another thing that always helps me to re-focus and centre my thoughts back to what I want is writing down and re-affirming my goals.


There is nothing more powerful than writing down what you want to achieve. For every New Year, I always buy new stationery as I find pretty diaries, notebooks and pens motivate me. (I know the girly side truly comes out in full force) My silver notepad was a gift to myself from Card Factory and came with the two quirky pens. They cost £2.99 for the set. The pink dotted diary was a gift from my best friend.


Planning and reviewing your goals act as a reminder of why you are here and what your purpose is. Reading your personal plans, reviewing the steps you will take and giving this a time frame helps you to maintain your focus and remain on your own, unique path. Even when others outside of yourself are hell bent on you doing otherwise.


If like me, you sometimes feel that life and circumstances outside of your self are pulling you to and fro. Reaffirm your intentions by reviewing your plans with purpose. Read your goals every day, carry them around with you. Break them down and work out what steps; no matter how small you can take to bring you that step further.


Never lose sight of what your dreams are, hold on to them and even when it feels like things will not come to pass. Remind yourself that you are doing everything you can, to make them reality.


Do like me and buy some new stationery, jot down your plans and even if they feel completely unrealistic. Take ownership of them; they are your dreams and no one has the power to make you feel like they are un-achievable.


Before I started writing this, I gathered up my notebooks and reviewed the objectives I have set out for myself to achieve. When I have testing times, I whip them out and review them and they help to motivate me.


Keep planning and keep going, no matter what and more vitally plan it all in pretty books; it makes a major difference.



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