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My Unconventional NY Wishlist  

Only 3 more full nights sleeps till Christmas; though I can’t say that I have been in the festive mood recently. I have tried to embrace the Christmas season. In fact, I’ve tried almost everything. I’ve listened to Christmas songs in my car. That failed because I quite quickly switched that to some Hip-Hop! I haven’t put up my tree (and this hasn’t happened before). I have also told everyone around me that I don’t want any Christmas gifts. As I type this, I’m feeling more and more like the Grinch. But, the truth of the matter is, I’m slowly but surely getting my finances in a good place and buying a truck load of gifts would throw that all into jeopardy.


This year has been a rocky one for so many reasons but the best thing that came from the madness is that I know what my career goals are (at last) I’m more focused on my writing and expanding my online magazine and this blog. I’m undertaking two separate courses which I will not be sharing much on but I can say they will be the necessary edge needed to move things forward and a great addition to my existing degree.


I feel more comfortable in my skin, I love the way my personal style is transitioning and I am actively working on changing my home and work environment. I finally feel like I ‘know’ myself and this year has taught me more than anything that I am stronger than I ever imagined. To be honest, this year may have been a blessing in disguise and for that I’m very thankful and humbled.


So onto my not so conventional New Years Wishlist…. Other bloggers list the clothing, accessories and homeware that they would love someone to buy for them. However, this year; I’m not really concerned about material gifts. Instead, I’m wishing for the things that will make my life better and more fulfilled for 2016 and beyond.



Better Health


Better Health



I completed the Go Detox Juice Program which I have partly reviewed on the In-spire LS website. Before undertaking the detox I had become seriously ill and needed to get my health back on track. I still have to share the remaining aspects of the detox but I can say that this program helped to change my relationship with food and helped improve my skin dramatically. I want 2016 to bring an abundance of great health and with it a stronger sense of personal wellbeing.



A Stronger Love


stronger love


Sometimes you have to lose yourself to undoubtedly find yourself and this is what happened this year. I’m unsure why I had to get hit in the way that I did but through the physical and mental pain came with it; deeper insight into myself. I believe that both my ex partner and myself didn’t fully respect or value the aspects of our lives that we had given to each other and instead took one another for granted.

I compared him to others while he became too content with the situation when I wanted and needed more. Time is a great healer and distance allows you to understand yourself, what you need, your values, what you will put up with and what you will endure for the sake of love. I now know exactly what I want, but the selfish element of thinking that I don’t have to put in work on my end is gone. I’m a better, stronger and more beautiful woman now and my wish for a stronger love is that I strive to give it and to pray to receive it in the coming year and beyond.


Greater Humility




This year well and truly brought me crashing back down to reality. I got a harsh lesson in life and with it every area of my life went into freefall. If 2015 taught me anything, it made me realise that my heart is good and I may have lost track of what made me authentically me, I will never let that happen again. My wish for 2016 is that I continue to keep my positive spirit and good heart intact; that I don’t allow negativity to diminish all the things that make me, me.



Stronger Friendships





This year taught me that you can find friendships from people that you would never expect it from. I am blessed to have amazing friends, all from different walks of life and they have all in someway or another helped me through what has been my most difficult year. I’m thankful for their love and the support and the endless voice notes sent to make sure I was okay. I value the people in my life and I wish that I continue to strengthen my existing friendships and make new ones of vast substance.



A Renewed Sense of Purpose





Many of us suffer from procrastination, I wouldn’t say I am the worst at this and in fact I am one of those people that when I need to get something done, I make it happen; no excuses. However, with the madness of this year and the continual rollercoaster I have had to traverse; I did lose sight of what I was actually working towards. I was too busy looking at what I didn’t have, reeling over what I should have had by now and not keeping my eyes on the prize. I’ve learned that you need to DO YOU, LIVE YOUR LIFE and FOCUS ON BEING HAPPY no matter what.



I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for 2016 and God willing I’m going to ensure that I focus on making my unconventional New Year Wish list a reality.


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