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Allow Your Passion To Make You Happy

I have been a stuck record over the past few months since becoming really ill. I have been my own worst enemy so to speak, putting down my efforts and belittling my own work because it isn’t or hasn’t been as financially rewarding as I would like it to be. In stead of celebrating my successes, I have played them down, instead of patting myself on the back on overcoming the major hurdles when they presented them self (and believe me, they have indeed presented themselves) I have allowed the fact that I am now moving fast enough and forward enough to make me feel pretty crap about what I have achieved so far in life.


However, today I choose to celebrate how far I HAVE come and to celebrate the things that I have triumphed over in the last few months. I have been in vast physical pain for a long time and still struggle with it. Yet, I have got up for work each day and pushed through with my blogging and writing and emailing brands and basically doing what makes me smile; running my site In-spire LS.


It may not have made me rich in the monetary form but it has given my life a major boost in so many other ways. I can’t explain the people I have met and interviewed along the way, the restaurants I have reviewed, the events I have attended, the amazing people I have met along the way who still work with me on the site even though I have no real way to reward them.


Sometimes, you just have to allow blind faith to lead you forward. If you are doing something that honestly makes you smile and gives you a reason to keep going, keep doing it. It may be hard to find the balance, or to keep the faith in yourself and your abilities. It may even feel that you will be prodding along forever and no-one will notice. The truth is, you notice and with life’s continual trials and tribulations; your life doesn’t need another person piling on dead weight.


If you find your passion, cling onto it with every fibre of your being. Keep working at it, keep focused on it. Allow it to spur you on when you feel all is lost. Keep pushing, keep pursuing and focus on being happy.


I’m finally realising that I control my happiness, no one else and as long as I’m alive and able to write and share, one day; my passion will fulfill all my wildest dreams. If you’re reading this, and are feeling like you want to stop. Don’t. Keep going. Better things are around the corner.


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