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5 Things I’ve Learned About Football From The European Cup


  1. England has the best fans in the World….

Okay, let’s face it; they honestly do have the best fans in the entire world. Before I clarify my reasons, allow me to put across this fact… England hasn’t won any major cups since the World Cup in 1966. This was a year before my own mother was born so you can only imagine the dissatisfaction felt by England fans with every passing tournament. England fans no matter what, release the re-release of those classic football anthems, they book their annual leave off from work to fly to wherever the next tournament takes place; hoping and praying that the next one will be the ‘one’. Yet, always end up with their tails between their legs.

They always have to listen to commentary from ‘ex footballers’ telling ‘current’ footballers what their failures are when they themselves haven’t been able to bring the World or the European Cup Home. (Yes, I find that part increasingly annoying too.) They invest in the most recent kit (which costs an arm and a leg by the way) and end up bringing it to the next charity clear out from sheer disgust at how early they have exited out from the competition. However, with all this in mind, they always and I repeat always restore their faith in time for the next big game. Impressive!


England fans


2. Some footballers just don’t look ‘Fit Enough’.

Perhaps it’s the champagne lifestyle or the hundreds of thousands of pounds these players are paid each week. The truth is, many of the footballers this time around looked like they had physically finished before they had begun. I watched most of the games during this tournament and while some players looked like they were sleep walking. Others looked unhealthy and to be completely honest nothing and I repeat nothing is more off putting than seeing these sports stars looking like they have just rolled out of bed; heading straight to the kitchen for a fry up.


unhealthy footballers



3. When men cry they CRY

When I was younger, I used to find it a bit lame that men would literally bawl their eyes out because they had lost a football match. However, obviously as time progressed and I grew up and began to have disappointments of my own. I began to realise that it is really too difficult to train years for an opportunity to the come into fruition; just for it to not happen. When men cry anywhere else they are seen as weak or simply ‘not manly enough’. On the pitch however is totally understandable. So much so that if they don’t cry when they lose; we question if they were actually passionate enough.




4. There’s so  much more to the beautiful game than I realised

Referring once again to when I was younger, when I used to watch football it looked so easy. The players simply passed the ball around, create an opening and slot the ball in. However, watching the games this time round, I began to really watch what the players were doing. Look at their strategies and understand why they do what they do. I used to complain that footballers get paid too much. However, there were some great showmanship in this year’s championship and many footballers like Ronaldo; who also proved to be an exceptional captain for Portugal do without deserve the weighty pay check they receive. Particularly when you think of it like that.


the beautiful game


5. Iceland is not only a supermarket, it boosts quite a stellar national team too

Who else was impressed with Iceland?. They played with guts and didn’t allow pressure or any of the other things England players normally have lined up as excuses to rectify why they are never quite able to move to next level. Their chant also rocked too.


Iceland football team


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