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Red Carpet Style @ The Going Bongo Premier

This was the first time that I had been on the red carpet as an actually ‘personality’ and not as press and I was pretty nervous about it. However, I will say my sense of pride overshadowed this because I had been invited down to my accomplishments and position as a radio presenter at Colourful Radio. Some people may see this as a small thing. However, having been a novice in radio and having no idea what I was doing. I have been training and developing my presenting skills and I can now proudly say I have interviewed over 30+ talents from the world of business and entertainment.


I was lined up to interview the talent that is Ernest Napoleon who is both the Writer and Actor of this fantastic film. ‘Going Bongo’ tells the story of a newly recruited Dr located in the States who mistakenly volunteers in the US and gets thrown onto a massive roller-coaster ride of ups and downs as the life he knew before changes forever.


The film was superb and it’s no surprise that it has crossed over in the way it has. An extremely talented cast and exceptional direction helped make ‘Going Bongo’ a must watch feature.


Some Press Pictures Taken on the Night





I have always been told that you should wear your hair out at such functions. But, if I be honest I didn’t have the time nor the energy to battle with my hair and I wanted it off my face and neck so I opted for a top knot. When it came to my outfit, black has always been a winner for me.


My lace and sequin dress with bow neck detailing has been in my wardrobe for over 5 years! Yet, I have never had anywhere in particular that I wanted to wear it. I absolutely love this dress and it drew a vast amount of compliments on the night.  I purchased it from a independent boutique in London for £35 and it was definitely a bargain. My heels which have long time been a favourite of mine and was a bargain at £15 from New Look. The best thing about these shoes is the fact that they don’t hurt AT ALL. I could easily wear them all night and feel nothing 🙂


My black trench coat is from H&M and cost me £29.99. Every wardrobe should have a trench coat in it. They are the perfect over garment and are versatile enough to switch it up from day to night. Black is also a classic colour and adds a touch of class to anything!


My silver clutch is from Primark and was only £5. God I do love a bargain!




It was so great to catch up with many of the talents I have interviewed on my radio show ‘The VIP Room’ they include: Larissa Eddie, Karen Bryson, Kevin Paul, Sean P Cronin, Rez Kempton and Martin Delaney. It was also great to meet Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten and meet up with my show’s producer Ebony. Picture credit by the extremely talented photographer Katie Ryan from @KatieRyanCreations


I also got the opportunity to be interviewed on the carpet which was NERVE WRECKING! I was stressed! however, in the circumstances and considering it was my first time, I didn’t do too badly. Check out the video below.



Overall, I had a wicked time at the Going Bongo premier and it gave me a deeper insight into the film when I was the next day, given the opportunity to interview Ernest on my show the next day.  Here’s to many more 🙂


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