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The Breakfast Club

One of the goals I set in last year was to ensure that as I move into 2017, I take the opportunity to eat in places that I haven’t tried out before.


Spontaneity is one thing I’m not very good at as I often like to plan things in advance. However, after weeks of trying to meet up with me and failing! My friend Nicola succeeded in getting me out of the house on New Year’s Eve for a quick catch up.


The options were either Costas (cheap, cheerful and conveniently down the road) or somewhere I hadn’t heard of before, The Breakfast Club.




Now as far as eateries go, The Breakfast Club has built up quite a positive rep. Established in 2005 and originally named ‘Little Yellow Café’ the breakfast boom soon kicked off and you can now find one of their cafes in Battersea Rise, Brighton, Canary Wharf, Croydon, Hoxton, Soho, Spitalfields and last but not least London Bridge.










We opted to visit the London Bridge branch as it was only a 20-minute bus ride away from my home.


Upon reaching the venue, we were met by a massive queue. (please note: I’m only used to queueing outside the Caribbean bakery to pick up a bun or bread during Easter or Christmas, or when I’m in the bank) This was clearly a sign of popularity as no-one was complaining, nor were they walking away and going to another venue. So I kept quiet and waiting patiently to get inside.


Once inside, I was automatically with a vibrant atmosphere. We were seated around the bar area which wasn’t at all off putting. In fact, it was nice to watch the staff while we ate because they actually looked like the enjoyed their job! (and that is flaming shock in this day and age, let’s just be completely honest).




Now seeing that it is called ‘The Breakfast Club’ it was that very reason that I opted to have their big breakfast. For just over £10, my breakfast included:




Scrambled eggs (which were fluffy and lightly salted), sausage, bacon, mushroom, one slice of toasted bread, grilled tomatoes, sautéed potatoes and baked beans. For an added £1.20 I added a side of avocado. This was all then washed down by a fruity class of orange, ginger and carrot juice.






I know you’re pretty hard pressed to come across a negative food post on my blog. (Let’s just say I make exceptional food choices) But, I can honestly say that this is one of the best breakfasts I have ever, ever had. Every bit was cooked to perfection and full of flavour. To round up my tasty meal, I ordered one of the best hot chocolates I have ever tasted. (Move over Costas)




Outside of the food, the vibe was upbeat and the crowd was young and arty. The music was also brilliant too, from RnB to hardcore bashment.  ‘The Breakfast Club’ was definitely worth visiting.



I had a great afternoon full of great conversation, fantastic vibes and tasty food. The Breakfast Club is one eatery I will definitely be returning too. Thanks Nic for the introduction.


I give The Breakfast Club


Visit their website HERE


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