#theFoodieFiles | Thai City (Review)

#theFoodieFiles | Thai City (Review)

IntervieI have eaten out a few times since I went to eat at Thai City with my friend Miranda. We had just finished a great podcast show and were in high spirits. It’s crazy how much has happened since that time and how much life and all its ups and downs can make you forget about great moments like this one. As I start to blog more and take my role as a blogger and content creator more seriously, it feels right to make sure I document as many moments and in this case, foodie moments as possible.

I am a massive Thai food fan. I think after Caribbean food, Thai food comes in second. I love the flavour of the food and the pleasant after tastes they leave after. I am also a fan of the portions you receive when you eat in these restaurants. It honestly doesn’t matter which Thai food restaurant I venture to, the portions are always good enough.

Am I the only foodie who pays great attention to the decor and hygiene of the place you eat in before I order? I have actually walked out of places after giving it the visual once over and not being too pleased with what I’ve seen. On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd glance, I was more than happy with the decor and the decoration. I’ve acquired a new appreciation for the colour red and loved the red decoration and dark oak furniture throughout.

Look how stunning the stain glass rooftop and gold decorations are!!

After, we found the perfect table, we sat down an reviewed the menu. When it comes to my food, I am unashamedly a creature of habit and I tend to eat the same thing no matter where I go. However, I’ve been really beginning to step out of my food comfort zone and this time around I went for something different.

This time around, I opted for stir fried squid, mussels and fishes in a rich lemongrass, garlic, peppercorn and black bean paste. At £11.95 it was well worth the money and tasted fabulous. Full of flavour and was cooked to perfection. I had this with a plateful of steamed vegetables which were also just right and were complimentary to the main dish. Both items were joined by a nice sized portion of white egg fried rice.

A visit to any restaurant for me wouldn’t be complete without a hot beverage and on this occasion I had a hot chocolate which was a perfect way to end the evening.

Overall, I was very pleased by the decor, cleanliness, the customer service and the food and would definitely head back to Thai City.


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