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Cabana @ 02

You know when you walk past a place numerous times with the intention of going inside but never quite make it inside. That is the story of my life to be fair but after meeting up with a friend and both feeling a little peckish; we ventured inside.

If you know me, you’ll know that even before I look at the menu; I will look at the venue. I’m a sucker for presentation and I love vibrancy and different coloured walls, lights etc. Please don’t ask me why just know that I will never be the blogger that goes for neutral simplicity; it just isn’t in my nature. The best part about Cabana is the décor. The walls were decorated with impressive wall art and it really set the scene. However, once I got over the decoration and the overall atmosphere; I wasn’t much blown away or impressed with anything else.




It took what was forever and day to be served. It was roughly 15 minutes before anyone came over to serve us. Part of the problem here was that the waitress was far to busy partaking in very meaningful conversation (I gathered this from the very serious look on her face!)


When she did come over, she was far more concerned with the time the restaurant would be closing and how quickly we had to consume our food before getting thrown out. Again, another faux pas. However, I won’t be completely nit picking; because once she started conversing with my friend, she was actually quite pleasant.


So, what was the food like?


Well it looked better than how it tasted. This foodie is pretty tough to please!


I didn’t choose anything to fancy and order a lemonade for my beverage, for my food I order wings, fries, a coconut slaw and a type of pitta bread.


The wings were tasty and the tasty sauce was to die for but the fries were average and the coconut slaw was horrible. I mean; whoever decided to mix coconut with slaw needs to be dashed in a cupboard. With every bite, I kept thinking of eating a bounty and then soon after started to feel physically sick.






A very rare incident was that I didn’t clear my plate! This was a major shock as I always clear my plate when I eat out; even if I’m not totally blown away by the dish.


Overall, I wasn’t completely satisfied by my meal and was more impressed with the venue than the food and the service. Saying that, one man (or in this case woman’s) trash is another woman’s treasure so I wouldn’t say not to go there; saying that; I’m in no real rush to get back there myself.


Oh well, onto the next.








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