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Spontaneity at Tate Britain

I am the first to admit that I am quite a rigid person and I struggle with doing things on a whim. Although, I’m not particularly interested in horoscopes but I can concur that most of the Ariens I know are like me. However, I can proudly say that I have been working on this and of late, I’ve been doing pretty well with going with the flow and not planning the majority of interactions with friends, etc.

So, last week I was taken to Tate Britain by a close friend who also took me for a yummy lunch (I’m saving that for another post!)







I had never been inside Tate Britain before (I know its stupid I am a Londoner born and bred) and was slightly overwhelmed by just how gorgeous its interiors are. The tall white walls, marble floors and intricate pillars were all amazing. I moved from room to room taking in the grand pictures and ornaments that were on display.






There are so many great places to visit in London which are free to enter and Tate Britain is one of them. This immensely beautiful building is home of British Artwork from 1500 to the present day. The Tate has numerous levels and rooms to explore and I was also interested to find that it has a restaurant too. (I will be visiting again so I can access this restaurant since I am a major foodie)





We walked around and captured beautiful images of the ceilings and the art on display. I’ve only shared a few as I’m encouraging you to make a spontaneous visit of your own.


I found the white walls and art were the perfect combination to create interesting conversation. We sat down on one of the numerous benches and talked for what felt like hours; although it wasn’t. I guess that’s what calming interiors can do.


There is so much to become engrossed with at The Tate and now I’ve been I’m now more determined to visit more key galleries in London. You could say this day was without a doubt a good one.



Check out Tate’s new website and see what exhibitions they have on HERE


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