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A Spot Of Golf at Greenwich Peninsula Golfing Range

I’m really focused of late on my projects, now I’m in my 30’s I honestly feel like time is of the essence and I have no time to waste and because of my inability to switch off; I find it difficult sometimes to go out and have fun. To combat this, my best friend came up with the idea of us going out and partaking in some form of activity; something different to what we would usually do each month.


So a few weeks ago, having seen a number of people via social media visiting the Greenwich Peninsula Golfing Range, it made sense to head down there and have a go! The result; pretty catastrophic since I had no idea how to hit a golf ball with a club! Yes, I admit it. However, it was a bag of fun, extremely relaxing and therapeutic and was the making of a perfect evening.


I love Greenwich, it is in fact my favourite place to hang out in within London Town. The 02 and the surrounding areas are becoming more filled with activities and it simply is a borough that you can’t even begin to grow tired of. It’s hard to believe that the golfing range has only been in Greenwich since July last year. Yet, in such a short amount of time, it has built up a solid reputation of being the ‘go to’ destination for something a little different.


There’s so much more to it than just hitting a ball. The facility also offers golf lessons and activities for groups and couples. The premises boast a sizable restaurant and offers the option of having a alcoholic beverage while you play. I had a rather strong cosmopolitan which had me feeling a little light headed and obviously was the main reason behind my inability to play properly (I wish!)


Overall, this was fantastic and was very affordable. For a basket of 120 balls, which was more than enough; it cost £12.00. The evening progressed to a rather tasty meal at an eatery within the 02 arena but I will leave that for another post.


To find out more visit their official website HERE












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