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Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolates “Indulgence Is EVERYTHING”

With Easter having come and gone I wasn’t planning to indulge in anymore chocolates. However, on reaching the Colourful Radio studio, and finding out that we had had a power cut, I was more than happy to get my teeth into an absolutely stunning box of chocolates which lay before me on the table.

I am not a fan of dark chocolate to say the least and I have found that no matter how hard I try I can’t quite stomach them. Though, it was clear after one bite of Paul Wayne Gregory’s chocolates that this was all about to change.

The first thing I noticed was the exceptional presentation. Pure decadence is the best way to describe it. There was no surprise that Mr Gregory himself has over 20 years experience as a baker. Now, what I came to find was that I was indulging in their multi- award winning signature box called the ‘Pure Indulgence Box’. The box is made up of 12 indulgent flavours which are carefully and exceptionally blended together to create a chocolate sensation which melts in your mouth. Each and every ingredient can be tasted. It was simply, heaven.

It would have been easy to eat every single chocolate in the tray and I was tempted to pick up the entire box! Is it crazy to suggest that I can still taste remnants of the chocolate in my mouth as I type this? The truth is, I can honestly say that I haven’t tasted chocolates like these before and I am now planning on ordering my own personal box to further indulge in the comfort of my own home.

Via the official website you can purchase an abundance of chocolates including a mango milk chocolate egg, champagne chocolate truffles, chocolate lollies and even chocolate golf balls with popping candy!

I’m officially in love and can’t wait to get my hands on more of this yummy chocolate treats. 🙂

Paul Wayne Gregory insert 2 Paul Wayne Gregory insert


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